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Best tech stocking stuffers under $25

If you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping, you better get moving. The big day is next week, after all.

When you’re checking people off the list, big-ticket items are probably the easiest to shop for. But don’t forget about the small stuff — like stocking stuffers. If you plan on ordering them online, tap or click here for Christmas shipping cutoff dates.

Finding the perfect stocking stuffer can be a difficult task. Especially if you’re trying to stay within a budget. Don’t panic, it’ll be OK. We’ve got some great ideas for tech stocking stuffers that will cost you under $25.

Cute night light for the kids

Are your children pet lovers? If so, brighten up their room with this cool Kitty Night Light.

It comes with a remote control that you can use to turn it on or off, adjust brightness, choose a static color or one of four quick/slow flashing light modes. There are seven different LED colors to choose from and is perfectly sized for the kids’ bedrooms.

Listen to your favorite music in style

When you’re struggling to come up with the perfect gift, headphones are always a good way to go. Most everyone loves listening to music and these Symphonized NRG MFI earbuds are the perfect solution.

These earbuds are Apple certified and are compatible with all lightning cable devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod. They were built to maximize sound output and minimize loss, delivering high-fidelity sound with deep bass.

No more freezing fingers while you text

If you live in certain areas of the country, winter can sometimes seem unbearable. Normal everyday tasks that seem routine when the weather is nice, like texting, turn into a frozen nightmare when the temperature drops enough.

These unisex winter gloves were designed with technology in mind. They come with anti-slip silicone tips on the thumb, forefingers and middle fingers so you can wear them and comfortably navigate your touch screen devices while staying warm.

Another cool way to stay warm

Here is another genius tech item designed to keep you warm and stylish during winter. This Bluetooth beanie has a built-in stereo speaker that lets you listen to music while keeping warm.

It’s perfect for outdoor sports like jogging, skiing and snowboarding. It even has a built-in mic so you won’t miss any phone calls during your activities.

Let’s keep the winter wonderland theme going

Freezing hands can be a nasty side effect of a long cold winter. If you suffer from arthritis or muscle pain it can be particularly bad.

This SkyGenius rechargeable hand warmer can help alleviate that pain. They’re UL certified with no risk of burning or explosion, so safety isn’t a concern. The double-sided heating design will help keep your hands warm with three levels of temperature control.

You’ll never sleep better

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had trouble sleeping when there is too much outside noise. Early morning landscapers, traffic in the middle of the night and barking dogs can all disrupt a healthy sleep pattern.

This Bluetooth sleeping eye mask with headphones can eliminate all of those pesky noises and block out any light that could also wake you up. It pairs with any Bluetooth-enabled device so you can listen to music or apps that provide nature sounds like rainfall or the calming sounds of a flowing river.

It does come in at just over $25, but we had to include it. A good night’s sleep is worth an extra dollar or two.

Finding keys made easy

It’s easy to misplace a set of keys and it can be very frustrating trying to locate them. This set of six key-finding receivers works with keys, wallets, remote controls and pretty much anything else you might have trouble finding.

Just press and hold the color-coded button on the radio transmitter until the corresponding colored receiver beeps. This works if the item is within 60 feet of your location.

The multifunctional tool you can’t live without

One great thing about technology is how it can turn an old standard tool into a multi-purpose device. This ATECH Multifunction Pen is a perfect example.

It works as a ballpoint pen, stylus, bottle opener, mini flat-head and Phillips screwdriver, metric and inch ruler, and a phone stand all in one. Give this as a stocking stuffer and grab one for yourself, too. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Old school gaming everyone will enjoy

A videogame for less than $25, no way!


This My Arcade retro machine mini arcade has 200 retro-style built-in games the entire family will have hours of fun playing. It has a 2.5-inch color display and a speaker with volume control. The device is pre-loaded with puzzles, racing, sports games and more.

Turn your child’s room into a mini planetarium

The best toys are the ones that kids not only play with but can learn from. This nightlight/star projector fits right into that category.

The stars and moon can constantly move around the room as the device has several different light modes. The starry sky can help develop a child’s creativity and get them interested in astronomy.

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