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Best face mask brackets for easier breathing from Amazon

The COVID-19 pandemic is still at our doorstep, and it looks like we’ll be dealing with it for the near future. Numbers are still increasing, and without a vaccine, it’s unclear when life will go back to normal.

We’ve all had to make sacrifices to help stop the spread of the virus. Some of us are homeschooling our kids, others are working from home, and most of us are still wearing masks to protect ourselves and others from the deadly virus. Tap or click here to see which mask is right for your needs.

But as commonplace as mask-wearing has become, it can still be a little uncomfortable to have layers of fabric against your nose and mouth for extended periods of time. If you’re struggling with wearing a mask, brackets help put some space between your mask and your skin, and they will change the way you feel about mask-wearing.

Great face mask bracket options

The premise behind face mask brackets is simple. These small tools fit under masks and help keep the fabric from resting directly on your skin. They can help cut down on common mask-related complaints, like acne, dry skin and poor breathing.

There are several benefits to using face mask brackets, including:

  1. Easier breathing: Because the mask is not sitting on your face, you can breathe so much easier.
  2. Less sweating: No more sweating in the mask.
  3. Eliminates foggy glasses: If you use mask brackets, you won’t have to deal with your glasses fogging up.
  4. Clear speech: You have space to move your mouth so your words are clearly heard.
  5. No unhealthy particles: You don’t breathe in particles of whatever material your mask is made from.
  6. No smeared makeup: Saves your makeup and lipstick too.

Amazon sells many different types of mask brackets. We found the highest-rated for you.

1. Includes six face mask brackets and six mask extenders. This way, you can make your mask comfortable to your face and head.

Looking for a way to better your breathing and cut down on ear pain from your mask straps? This package comes with six face mask brackets and six mask extenders, which attach to your mask straps to alleviate rubbing and pressure around the ears.

What’s nice about these brackets is they’re made of safe, soft silicone plastic and offer 3D support around your nose and mouth to give you plenty of breathing room. The brackets fit right under your mask to give you space between the material and your face, and the extenders make your mask straps more comfortable against your head.

They’re easy to clean, too. Both the brackets and extenders can be washed with water or alcohol and used repeatedly.

2. Includes a package of 5 without the extenders.

Just need the mask brackets? These mask brackets are designed to reduce friction caused by the mask rubbing against your face and will also help protect your mask lining from being stained by makeup.

What’s nice about these mask brackets is that the specialized design was created to fit the outline of your face perfectly. They’re made of food-grade silicone material that is safe, washable and reusable — which means they’re completely safe to slip inside your mask. And, with five in the package, there are plenty of brackets to go around if your family members want one, too.

3. Clips to the inside of the mask.

Want a bracket that clips inside of your mask for extra security? This package of 10 mask brackets does just that.

These mask brackets are made of food-grade silicone material, which means they’re soft, comfortable and won’t irritate your skin. They don’t smell bad, either — which is important when something is sitting this close to your nose and mouth. Plus, they’re reusable and washable, which means you can disinfect them rather than buying more.

4. For kids

Adult-sized mask brackets won’t work very well for kids. Luckily, these kid-sized mask brackets should do the trick. They’re perfect for little ones who complain about having mask material up against their noses or mouths.

These kid-sized mask brackets are made from a soft, comfortable, non-toxic plastic. They keep the mask from rubbing against small faces and causing irritation or difficulty breathing, which can be useful if your kid is active or wearing a mask all day at school. They are washable and reusable, too, so you won’t have to replace them constantly after a couple of uses.

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