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Is Best Buy’s $200 annual membership worth it? Here’s everything you get

Any machine, device or gadget you buy is eventually going to need maintenance and repairs. The internet provides help in forums, expert videos and replacement user manuals. But people don’t always have the time or knowledge to fix their stuff. There’s always someone out there who can help, but finding the right person at the right price can be a challenge.

Car owners know expenses don’t stop with gas. Vehicles need regular maintenance, and parts will break down over time, requiring replacement or repair. This is especially true of high-mileage vehicles. Tap or click here to check out a service protection plan company that covers most car issues that spring up.

Now, Amazon Prime and Walmart+ are going to see some competition as Best Buy rolls out its annual membership program with some exciting perks. Best Buy Totaltech includes tech support, installation, repairs, free two-day shipping and more. Is it worth the price of entry? We’ll give you the rundown of benefits below.

Totaltech benefits

Best Buy wants to get in on the subscription model with its Totaltech membership program. For $200 a year, you get the following perks and benefits:

  • Free 24/7/365 Geek Squad technical support on all the tech in your home, even if you didn’t purchase it from Best Buy.
  • 24 months of product protection on most of your Best Buy purchases, including AppleCare+ on Apple products with an active membership. On its own, AppleCare+ can run $200 or more.
  • Free same-day and two-day shipping with some limitations depending on the product.
  • And extended 60-day return and exchange window on most products with no restocking fees.
  • Free delivery and installation on new tech and appliances you get from Best Buy including furniture, cooking appliances, refrigerators, surveillance cameras, smart doorbells, fitness machines, lighting, thermostats, car electronics and more.
  • TV mounting service includes installation (you must provide the mounting hardware), connection to video devices and network, streaming configuration a tutorial on how to use the TV and more. Your old TV will also be hauled away or installed in another room. A Geek Squad TV installation goes for $200 but with TotalTech you’ll get the service for free with a TV purchase or save 20% on mounting an existing TV.
  • Exclusive sales mean you can get your hands on hard-to-find items. This could include hot holiday gifts such as the Sony PlayStation 5. Twitter user Mario64 posted a screenshot showing PS5 availability for Totaltech members. This doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to get one, but when they are available at Best Buy, you’ll have dibs.

Is Totaltech worth it for you?

This membership won’t be a good fit for everyone, especially at $200 a year. If you often shop at Best Buy, the tech support, exclusive deals, free shipping and extended returns can help justify the price.

If you are often in the market for unicorns like the PS5, you might want to get onboard with TotalTech just for a chance to score such a product without having to resort to scalpers.

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