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Apple HomePod “gotcha” you need to know BEFORE you buy one

As with pretty much anything (and by that we mean, literally, everything) Apple releases, the HomePod was met with much fanfare and excitement.

An answer to the Google Home and Amazon Echo, it promises to offer a more aesthetically-pleasing home assistant with exceptional sound quality and an ease-of-use that Apple fans are used to.

Yet while that is all perfectly well and good, the HomePod, which retails for around $350, is not without at least one potentially significant drawback.

Here’s why you might want to think twice about Apple’s HomePod

While Google’s and Amazon’s devices, respectively, use inexpensive and replaceable power cables, the HomePod’s is not removable.

Therefore, if you manage to break your cable (think overzealous dog or cat, stray vacuum or that hamster you haven’t seen in weeks), there is no easy fix.

Should any of those terrible things happen to your HomePod, assuming you did not purchase AppleCare with your device, the cost to get it back up and running again will be a cool $279.

That’s all the worst-case scenario.

As long as your HomePod remains functional, chances are you will very much enjoy what it has to offer. As these videos explain, it’s got some nice features:

Watch these videos of the HomePod in action

The HomePod is being billed as an excellent music player, and with Siri’s help, rocking out has never been easier.

While HomePod will work with the sound of your voice, its touch controls make doing things like pausing or skipping songs simple.

You can adjust your HomePod’s settings with your iPhone.

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