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Amazon’s top secret plan to get robots in your home

There are many instances in pop culture where robots are a part of our daily lives. Sometimes the movies and shows depict them to be helpful, but most often we see them turn against humans in some sort of “I Robot” or Terminator-type scenario.

So while the idea of having a robot is kind of cool, there is a reason to be a bit uneasy about the concept. Of course, science fiction is not real life, and thus far the idea of actual robots, even of the Jetsons variety, still seems to be a bit of a pipe dream.

However, that may not be the case at all. As we sit here in April 2018, it’s possible that real, actual robots could make their way into our homes as early as next year.

Of course, they’re from Amazon

It’s being reported that Amazon has secretly been working on a line of robots for a while now and that they are close to being ready to test them in real-world scenarios. The project’s name is “Vesta,” and the goal has been to create robots who could essentially live with us.

Before you start thinking there will be a giant mechanical person roaming your halls, please understand that will probably not be the case. As neat as that would be (and weird, honestly), Vesta is being built by the same group that created Amazon’s Echo products. So, it looks like the new robot will be based on some older technology rather than something altogether new.

In reality, it sounds like Vesta will be more of like an Echo on wheels. Perhaps built with similar technology as self-driving cars, it would let Alexa follow you around the house, always within earshot of any commands you may give it.

Is that something you would want?

As of now, we need to be in the room where our Echo or Google Home resides for them to help. They can be moved around, yes, but you will have to do that yourself and that could get tiresome after a bit.

Therefore, the idea that one could follow you from room to room absolutely seems like it could be helpful. At the same time, there will be privacy concerns as well as the fact that we may not actually need an Alexa-based device everywhere we go.

You have time to think about it because for now, it’s just a rumor

Amazon has refused to comment on the report, saying they will not address rumors and speculation. However, that’s not a denial, nor would it be any kind of surprise to learn that the company is working on this kind of technology.

One of today’s technology pioneers, Amazon has long shown an affinity (and ability) for robots, or at least robot-like technology. Alexa is one of the premier home assistants, but it is undoubtedly just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to robotic technology.

Because even if Vesta is not a tall, multi-limb robot, it’s not hard to imagine a future where those exist. The improvement of technology with computers, artificial intelligence, vision and cameras will not only make them possible, but likely.

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