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Amazon’s Alexa is getting a new voice…you won’t believe who it is!

Like most people across the U.S., you probably have some pretty huge plans for this Sunday. Millions of people will gather in front of the nearest big screen TV to take in Super Bowl LII. (Can’t get to a TV? No problem, here’s how to stream this year’s Super Bowl.)

But, let’s be honest, many of those who will watch won’t actually be there for the football. The big game is known for its hilarious commercials and spectacular halftime show.

This year, Amazon is getting in on the fun.

Alexa has lost her voice…oh no!

If you’ve incorporated Amazon’s home assistant into your life, you already know Alexa’s familiar voice. (PssT! Here are the best Alexa commands to try with your new Echo.)

The company has come up with a 90-second ad that will air sometime during the Super Bowl. The premise is Alexa has lost her voice and hilarity ensues from there. Here’s a sneak peek at the commercial:

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The commercial begins with Jeff Bezos in panic mode over the fact that Alexa has mysteriously lost her voice. The company then employs A-list celebrities like actor Anthony Hopkins, rapper Cardi B, chef Gordon Ramsey and actress Rebel Wilson to fill the virtual assistant’s role.

Every year companies try and outdo each other to come up with the best Super Bowl commercial. There have even been hour-long TV shows in the past highlighting the best Super Bowl commercials to ever air.

I’m not sure how this Amazon ad will stack up compared to the all-time greats but I’ll surely be paying attention to this year’s ads, almost as closely as I pay attention to the game.

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