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From Alexa-enabled glasses to ovens, here’s all the new tech Amazon just unveiled

Are you ready to shop? Amazon debuted a host of products at its annual hardware event and many of them may have you reaching for your wallet.

As rumored, Amazon did indeed unveil its Alexa-enabled earbuds and a superior Echo speaker. It also re-introduced the Fire TV products that first debuted in Europe earlier this month. Alexa was the nexus of many of the other products announced, including a spiffy new Echo Dot, home security devices and items aimed just at kids.

We have details on all the products Amazon introduced. We’ll also let you know when the products will be released.

Good job Echo

Echo Studio

Several new or updated Echo devices were announced at the event, but the one that has people excited is Amazon’s new Echo Studio. Not only is it the largest Echo speaker ever, but it also has the best sound quality.

Its five directional smart speakers enable 3D sound using Dolby Atmos. The Studio adapts to any room by automatically sensing the acoustics and fine-tuning playback for optimal sound. Echo Studio will be released Nov. 7, but you can pre-order it starting now.

Echo Buds

This is Amazon’s first foray into personalized and wearable devices. The wireless earbuds come equipped with Bose Active Noise Reduction Technology. They also have hands-free access to Alexa so you can stream music, play Audible audiobooks, make calls or get directions.

Echo Buds will be released Oct. 30 but you can pre-order now.

Echo Dot with Clock

A Dot is a Dot unless it comes with a clock. Amazon now has an Echo Dot that includes a bright LED display. The display will show the time and outdoor temperature. It can also be set as a timer or alarm. It’s designed using fabric and does everything other dots can do — if slightly better, especially in terms of sound.

The Echo Dot with Clock will be released on Oct. 16, but you can pre-order now.

Echo Show 8

Echo Show 8 is the latest addition to the Echo Show family. This one comes with an 8-inch HD display, powerful sound and a built-in camera shutter for extra privacy. Use it to make video calls, watch TV or listen to music — just ask Alexa. You can also make announcements to other devices in your home.

The Echo Show 8 will be released Nov. 21. You can pre-order it now.

Echo Flex

Amazon’s Echo Flex is a plug-in smart wireless speaker that you can put all around the house. It’s a very affordable way to add Alexa to every room. It also serves as a charging station.

Echo Flex will be released Nov. 14. and you can pre-order it now.

New Echo

Amazon also introduced an updated Echo. The company says it has better sound quality than previous generations of Echos. It also features an updated fabric design. Amazon points out that it does not have a built-in smart home hub or temperature sensor.

The new Echo will be released Oct. 16. but you can pre-order it now.

Secure your home with Ring

Indoor Cam

Amazon’s Ring family of products has introduced its first Indoor Cam. You can access it remotely to check in on what’s happening in your home. The camera works with Alexa.

You can buy the Indoor Cam today.

Alexa Guard Smart Alert

Speaking of security, Amazon announced that its new Alexa Guard Smart Alert will be added as a routine for Alexa. It monitors your home when you’re away. And starting this fall, Alexa Guard will begin supporting a new Smart Alert that will notify customers of more subtler sounds in their homes.

Alexa Ring Doorbell

Without going into too many specifics, Amazon announced that the Ring Doorbell will be Alexa-enabled and “live” inside the devices. Alexa will apparently be able to talk to people who ring the doorbell. This feature is expected to be out later this year when Amazon rolls out its Ring Doorbell Elite.

Expand your reach

eero Mesh Wi-Fi

Amazon’s new eero Mesh Wi-Fi replaces your existing router and extends Wi-Fi coverage seamlessly throughout your home. A single eero plugs directly into your modem. With additional eero devices, you can extend your network’s range wirelessly or via Ethernet connections.

You can buy a single eero now or a three-pack.

Ring Fetch

The Ring Fetch can track your dog if it gets loose. It’s one of the devices that can be connected to Amazon’s new secure wireless standard called Amazon Sidewalk. Ring Fetch connects to your pet’s collar, pairing it to Amazon Sidewalk. Fetch also allows you to geofence your yard and get an alert if it leaves the area.

Ring Fetch won’t be available until next year.

Interesting finds

Every year, Amazon announces some fun new products and programs that seem to come out of left-field. This year it’s a lamp, an updated microwave, smart eyeglasses a Ring ring and Samuel L. Jackson.

Day One Editions

Day One Editions are products that won’t be available to the general public just yet. This year you can find Echo Frames, which are prescription-ready glasses that offer hands-free access to Alexa. They look like average eyewear, unlike the goofy Google Glasses. You can request an invitation here.

The Echo Loop is the first Alexa-enabled smart ring. Access to Alexa is at your fingertips. Just click the action button to ask your questions. It can also be used for short phone calls. Currently, it is only available by invitation. You can request an invite here.

Echo Glow

Echo Glow is a colorful smart lamp for kids. You can pair it with any compatible Alexa device. This allows kids to control color and brightness with their voices. It will be released Nov. 20 but you can pre-order it now.

Amazon Smart Oven

The Amazon Smart Oven is a four-in-one convection oven, microwave, air fryer, and food warmer. It Includes more than 30 built-in presets and is voice-controlled with Alexa through a compatible Echo device. It will be released Nov. 14 but can be pre-ordered now.

Celebrity voices

Amazon is working to make Alexa sound less robotic. One way it’s accomplishing this is to have celebrity voices using neural text to speech. For just 99 cents you can get the celebrity voice. The first one up is Samuel L. Jackson. His voice also is offered in an explicit version.

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