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Amazon slashes prices on Echo, Kindle and more for Mother’s Day

We are less than a week away from Mother’s Day, which means if you have yet to purchase a gift, time is quickly running out. That’s not to say you cannot find something good, though.

Last-minute shopping is often when you find the best deals, and this holiday is no exception. There are great deals to be found on things mom will love.

Even if you have already bought a gift or seven, it wouldn’t hurt to add a bit more just to show your love and appreciation.

Thanks, Amazon!

One of the best parts about Amazon is that the site is seemingly always there when we need something, and Mother’s Day is no different. This week, the site will be running discounts on gadgets like the Echo, Kindle and Fire TV.

That’s right, if mom was interested in an Echo, you have a variety to choose from, all of which are on sale.

You may have trouble deciding which Echo to go with, especially with these prices. All come with Alexa, and each of them would be a wonderful addition to any home.

If you are looking for something simple, an Echo Dot or regular Echo may be the way to go. Both are great virtual assistants, with the ability to answer questions, play music and integrate with many household devices.

Of course, if you want to really impress mom, you could go with an Echo Spot or Echo Show. They come with all the abilities of the other Echos, only with screens that make the experience that much better.

For mom’s who love to read

Maybe mom doesn’t want or need an Echo. If she is more of the reading type, an Amazon Kindle is also a great place to turn.

Having trouble deciding which of these to go with? Budget may play a role, but if not, it really just depends on what is most important. They are both excellent e-readers, but differ when it comes to resolution and having a touchscreen.

Then again, if mom does more than just read on a tablet, an Amazon Fire may be the perfect gift.

As you can see, each tablet is a different size and of course, comes with varying features. No matter which you decide on, it will most definitely be a gift mom enjoys.

If you feel like she would like something a bit more simple, a Firestick is perfect. It comes with Alexa skills, but more than that acts as a gateway to as much streaming as anyone could want.

The gift of a family tree

Maybe mom is not interested in tech stuff, though. As cool as all those are, she might prefer something a bit more close to the heart.

So, a couple more options are two DNA test kits, which will allow mom to have a better understanding of her genealogy. Who wouldn’t like to know more about where they come from?

Still not sure what to get mom? Here are some tech gifts mothers of any age will love

Since we here at want to help make the moms in your life happy, we have created this list of the best tech gifts mothers of any age will enjoy. Click here for some great ideas!

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