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Amazon shopping deals you don’t want to miss

At, we’re always on the lookout for killer deals and instant savings. That’s why we’re constantly scouring Amazon for interesting gadgets and cool devices that can make your life easier.

Because there’s so many items on Amazon, knowing exactly what to pick can be time consuming. If you order the wrong thing, you’re either stuck with a faulty device or have to go through the pain of returning a package. To save time and money, we’ve selected our top picks for Amazon shopping deals you won’t want to ignore.

These gizmos can expand the utility of your smart devices, along with enhancing the quality of your digital life.

Take epic far-away shots with this phone-mounted telescope

If you love the outdoors, you probably like taking pictures of nature with your smartphone. Sometimes, though, the thing you want to photograph is too far out of reach.

Whether it’s a bird, a mountain, or even a sunset, some of the best moments can pass us by if we don’t have the means to capture them. This phone mounted telescope from ZRHEART eliminates that problem and gives you crystal clear shots with a 16x zoom lens. It’s waterproof, too!

The ZRHEART telescope retails for $25.99 with free shipping.

Get on the wireless earbud hype with these affordable earbuds

Want to see what the buzz is all about with AirPods but don’t want to break the bank? These popular wireless earbuds from Enacfire bring the advanced features of AirPods like one-touch connections and a charging case for just a fraction of the price.

The Enacfire wireless earbuds retail for $39.99, but are available now for jut $29.99.

Charge your device on the go with this wireless charger

Running out of juice while you’re out on the town is a nightmare waiting to happen. After all, we depend on our phones in a crisis, and we don’t want to be disconnected from the people we care about. Thankfully, this wireless portable charger brings hours of battery life to your portable USB devices with a battery that can power devices to full charge up to 6 times!

The Anker PowerCore 26800 retails for $65.99 with free shipping.

Power your home and your devices with a single power strip

This one is so useful! We often take for granted how convenient the plugs are in our house for powering our appliances. When it comes to our portable devices, however, they’re not quite as useful.

Imagine being able to charge your gadget directly from the wall? Well, this device helps you get pretty close. The SurgePlus protector helps you charge up to two USB devices along with three AC adapters from a single wall outlet.

The Belkin Surgeplus retails for $19.99 with Prime shipping.

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