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Amazon opens a game changing grocery store

What is your least favorite part about grocery shopping? For me, it’s the huge lines when I am ready to check-out.

It already seems to take forever to find that elusive jar of oil-packed sun-dried tomatoes. The last thing I want to do after hunting and gathering my groceries is wait in line to pay for them.

Good news. Amazon is about to revolutionize the way we shop and eliminate the excessive wait times.

Amazon changing the way we shop…again

We’re talking about a new, high-tech shopping experience called Amazon Go. It’s a state-of-the-art store that requires no checkout. You’ll never have to wait in line again.

It’s pretty amazing technology. Simply scan the Amazon Go app on your smartphone when you enter the store, take products that you want to purchase off the shelves, and go. No lines, no checkout. Watch the following video for a brief introduction on how it works:

Note: If you are reading this article using the app, click here to watch the demonstration video.

Amazon opened its first Go location to the public in Seattle on Monday. Customers are able to buy items typically found in most convenience stores. For example, milk, snacks, pre-made meals and more.

This concept was first announced a couple years ago but only became a reality this week. Its first location is in the same city that hosts Amazon’s headquarters but is expected to expand to more locations in the future.

You might remember that Amazon purchased the popular chain Whole Foods last year. Wouldn’t it be nice if this technology was implemented there?

Speaking of new technology, here’s another way it’s changing your grocery shopping experience

There are so many ways now to get your grocery shopping done. Ordering online and scheduling pick-up or delivery is a growing trend. Now supermarkets are jumping on the tech advances and making it even easier to shop in store.

Click here to see how one supermarket chain is upping its shopping game.

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