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Amazon Map Tracker lets you track your package delivery in real time

You know that feeling when your Amazon package is out for delivery? The one where you check the delivery status every five minutes to see if it has arrived?

Oh, is that just us? Really? That’s surprising, but we’re comfortable enough admitting it’s a thing. Well, fortunately for those of us who obsess over our package being delivered, Amazon is coming up with a way to make our lives less stressful.

It is not available for everyone, but trust us when we say the new feature will make waiting for a package better. Though, it does come at the cost of excitement, since the mystery will be no more.

The trade-off is worth it

Previously introduced in select markets, Amazon’s Map Tracker is starting to be rolled out to more places in the United States. What it is is pretty much what its name would suggest: it tracks your package on a map.

For those lucky enough to have it, what they will see is a screen that is similar to watching an Uber or Lyft as it makes its way to your destination. Its progress is monitored in real time, giving you a precise look at where it is at all times.

Pretty cool, huh? Waiting for a package will never be the same again.

You will also be provided with an estimate on when the package will arrive, along with how many stops away the driver is from heading to your place.

Could this be the end of porch pirates?

Besides helping us to relax while waiting for a package to be delivered, this feature may help limit the damage thieves can do. Known as “porch pirates,” they roam neighborhoods looking to steal packages that have already been delivered.

The more online shopping people do the greater this problem has become. There are things you can do to keep your orders from being stolen, like having an Amazon locker, using Amazon Key or even having the package shipped straight to your office (if you have one).

Those are not the only tricks you can try, and you can read about more of them by clicking here.

It won’t work for all orders

Now, this will only be available on packages that are actually delivered by Amazon. If yours is being delivered through a different carrier, you are out of luck. You will just have to monitor your package the old fashioned way, with step-by-step delivery information in a less-timely manner.

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