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Amazon coupons help you save big on what you need

There are plenty of reasons to love shopping on Amazon. Free two-day shipping when you’re a Prime member is just one of them. (Bonus: Here are the 20 best perks you get with an Amazon Prime membership.)

Another is to save money. Since pretty much everything you could think of to buy is available on its site, you can compare items and sellers to find the best deal for you.

But there’s another way to save even more money that most people aren’t aware of. Did you know that Amazon has tons of digital coupons that can be used to save on all kinds of products? It’s true. Keep reading and I’ll give you some examples that will let you keep some extra dough in your pocket.

Money saving coupons you don’t want to miss

Saving money on Amazon has never been easier. You’ll find coupons for electronics, household items, groceries and more. Items with available coupons will have a coupon note on the items’ page right under the price. Make sure the box to the right of the orange coupon note is checked. It looks like this:

Note: Not all coupons are 5 percent off. Some are a dollar value or a different percentage.

Some coupons on Amazon are only available for Prime members. However, you too can use them if you sign-up for your free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime.

Here are some items we’ve found that have coupons available right now.

Breathe comfortably with a hint of freshness

Breathing comfortably can be difficult when it’s really dry. This Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Humidifier will help alleviate the dryness.

Even better, it features an essential oil tray where you can add your favorite essential oils, similar to an oil diffuser. Click the link below to get yours from Amazon today and you’ll save an extra 5 percent with the coupon that will be applied at checkout.

Let this piece of technology do the cleaning for you

If you’re like me you just hate the idea of vacuuming. It’s one of the most tedious tasks in life. But with modern technology, you don’t have to think about it ever again.

This ECOVACS DEEBOT robot vacuum cleaner will do the work for you. It even has Alexa connectivity so you can control it with your voice. How cool is that?

Order yours today from Amazon and take advantage of the extra $50 savings that come with the digital coupon. Just click the link below and pushing that clunky vacuum around will be a thing of the past.

Workout without getting all tangled in cords

Working out at the gym is something most everyone strives to do more of. Which means you’re going to want to listen to music for inspiration.

But pumping iron or sweating it out on the elliptical machine aren’t great activities for clumsy wires to be hanging around. That’s why it’s a good idea to get yourself some wireless headphones.

These SoundPEATS Magnetic Wireless Earbuds will do the trick. You can purchase them on Amazon and receive an extra 5 percent off with the available coupon. Just click the link below and you’ll be working out in style in no time.

Feeling feverish??? Easily check to see if you’re getting sick

Remember the days of old when you had to put a mercury-in-glass thermometer in your mouth to find out if you had a fever? It was nearly impossible to read one of those things. You really had to have a keen eye to see an accurate reading.

Those days are over! Now, you can use this Metene Medical Forehead and Ear thermometer to find out what your temperature is. It works for the whole family, babies, infants, toddlers and adults.

Order yours today from Amazon and you’ll save 20 percent with the available coupon. Simply click the link below to order while you’re thinking about it. You’ll be glad that you did.

Keep that Wi-Fi connection strong

Do you have problems keeping a strong Wi-Fi connection in your home? Many people experience dead zones throughout their residence. Never again!

This TP-Link Wi-Fi range extender with High-Speed mode will help alleviate that problem. Use it to boost your Wi-Fi network for the ultimate performance and coverage.

It works with any Wi-Fi router or wireless access point and has three adjustable external antennas that deliver reliable coverage and strong Wi-Fi connections.

Order yours today from Amazon and you’ll save $10 with the available coupon. Just click the link below and you won’t have to worry about weak Wi-Fi again.

Take a look at all the coupons Amazon has to offer

As I said earlier, there are tons of coupons available on Amazon. Click here to check them out.

Speaking of Amazon, did you know it’s closing some Prime customers’ accounts?

What if you logged onto only to learn that your account had been deactivated? Seemingly out of the blue, everything you enjoy about the site (as well as pay for) was no longer available to you? Indeed, some Amazon customers have taken to social media to decry the deactivation of their Amazon accounts.

Click here to find out if yours is the next Prime account to be shut down.

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