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tiny house in the woods

7 tiny houses you can actually buy from Amazon

Tiny houses became a true pop-culture phenomenon about five years ago when HGTV started Tiny House Hunters. A tiny house is about 400 to 600 square feet, and people who adopt the tiny house lifestyle do it for lots of reasons — less maintenance, lower utility costs, easy upkeep, mobility, and, of course, novelty.

We’ve got a list of seven tiny house kits you can buy on Amazon. These are “pre-fabricated” houses, which can mean two things. Either they’re constructed and assembled in a factory and shipped to you on a trailer, or they’re manufactured and shipped to you in parts, like a giant IKEA project.

If you’re thinking about downsizing, and we mean really downsizing — selling everything and living simply — you have to read the story of Hal and Jackie who did it and shared their story with Kim. Click or tap to listen now.

40-foot tiny home is a shipping container

Don’t judge a book by its cover with this tiny home, made from a shipping container. Outside it may look industrial and drab, but inside is an almost-blank canvas awaiting your touches of design. The MODS 40-foot home comes furnished and with appliances, heating and air-conditioning.

mods 40 tiny container home available on amazon

See what you get in this 3-minute video from MODS International:

2-story 1,000-sq-ft cabin

You might argue that a 1,108-square-foot home isn’t a tiny home, but when we tell you it’s two stories, do you change your mind? The lower level of this Allwood Eagle Point is 712 square feet, and the upper level is a tiny 396.

This one doesn’t come furnished, like the MOD40 above, so you’ll need to factor in tiny appliances and furnishings. The Amazon description says you can add, remove and adjust windows if you don’t like the original design.

allwood tiny cabin is 1,000 square feet plus

113-square-foot cabin

Full disclosure here: This is a tiny — and we mean tiny — cabin. It’s not really a home, because it lacks the amenities of what you need to call a house a home — namely, plumbing. Basically, this 113-square-foot cabin called Lillevilla Escape is a rustic retreat.

Tiny home Lillevilla Escape cabin

Tiny house on wheels

This charmer is truly a tiny home. It’s got an eat-in kitchen, full bathroom with sink and shower, and it’s on wheels, so you can trailer it to your favorite relative’s back yard (with their permission, of course) or campsite.

Garden house tiny home is waiting for you

What you see is what you get with this 209-square-foot cabin kit. It’s four walls, windows and a roof waiting for you to turn into your fabulous tiny house.

allwood garden house cabin

Garden house with loft

See how versatile these tiny home kits can be? In this model, they’ve added a sleeping loft for a few extra square feet of living space, plus it has a cute and cozy front porch.

allwood garden house with loft

540-square-foot cabin with loft, kitchen bath

This one might be our favorite of the lot. It’s got all the charm and conveniences that we need — full kitchen and bath plus living space, bedroom and loft. The Allwood Avalon isn’t mobile, so the builder doesn’t recommend that you move it once it’s assembled.

interior of the avalon allwood cabin

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