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5 helpful Amazon tech items for your pets

Owning a pet is a huge responsibility. They aren’t just animals to most of us, they are real members of the family.

That’s why we need to do everything possible to keep them active, healthy and safe. With advances in technology, today we can better pet owners than ever before.

But, what items do you need that will help do the trick? Don’t worry, we’ve done the work for you. Keep reading to learn about some of the most helpful pet tech items that you can find on Amazon.

Essential Amazon pet tech products

Never lose your pet again

Our pets aren’t just random cats and dogs, no, they’re a part of the family. The thought of having one wander off and losing them forever is horrifying.

That’s why it’s a good idea to use a tracker, so you can find them at all times. This Findster Duo+ pet tracker from Amazon will do the trick.

One great thing about this device is, there are no monthly fees. Most pet trackers require a cellular plan for them to work, but not this one.

The Findster Duo+ incorporates MAZE technology, which eliminates the need for a cellular connection to send GPS coordinates. It also allows true real-time GPS tracking.

Stay connected with your pets

This SureFlap Microchip pet door connect lets you stay connected to your pets from anywhere. Combined with the SureFlap Hub, which comes in this bundle, and Sure Petcare app, it enables you to keep updated on your pets’ comings and goings.

It’s a great way to see what they are up to when you’re away from home. It also gives you insight to their behavior patterns. You can even lock/unlock the pet door remotely via the app for those times you don’t want them going outside.

Change the way you walk your dog

Your home is probably already full of “smart” appliances. Doorbells, lights and even refrigerators have smart capabilities these days. Why not your dog’s leash?

Check out this PETKIT smart dog leash. You can plan your daily dog-walking time simply by connecting your PETKIT app on your phone to PETKIT Go via Bluetooth and choosing dog walking mode.

The PETKIT app will automatically record your walking path, so you can keep track of your dog walking history along with the distance of your route.

Help your dog stay active and healthy

Many dogs have an unlimited supply of energy, or so it seems. Especially when they are puppies.

They’re always wanting to run around, go for walks and stay active. Let’s face it, we don’t always have enough time in the day to give them the attention they need.

That’s where this iFetch Too interactive ball launcher can help. It’s an automatic tennis ball launcher that lets dogs play fetch until their heart’s content. And, you’ll never need to replace batteries because it runs on a built-in, rechargeable battery.

Speak to your pets, even when you’re not home

If you have friends or family who live hundreds, even thousands of miles away, you’ve probably taken advantage of technology like Skype or Facetime. Those apps let us have face-to-face conversations with anyone no matter how far away we are.

But, what about our pets. Even if you’re just stuck at work on a long day, it would be nice to check in with them and say a quick “good boy” even now and then.

Now you can. Check out this PetChatz HD/PawCall digital daycare bundle from Amazon. It can provide a full day of interaction and entertainment for your home-alone pets. It is a complete interactive experience with two-way video chats, treat dispenser, calming aromatherapy and more. Perfect for the busy pet owners of the world.

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