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You will be shocked at how much you are sharing with complete strangers on Facebook

Do you know anyone who doesn’t use Facebook at this point? Those people are hard to find now that there are 2 billion active monthly users worldwide.

Whenever a site has extremely high traffic like this it becomes a goldmine for hackers and scammers. That’s why you really need to be careful with what you’re posting.

Now, there’s a site that knows what you’re actually sharing with strangers. It’s kinda creepy.

What are you revealing on Facebook?

I’m talking about the site It can give you a glimpse at information a total stranger might be able to find out about you from your Facebook profile.

I don’t actually recommend using this site because to use it, you need to log in through Facebook and it ends up getting more information than you’d probably like to share. For example, when you log in, you will see the following message:

Image: permissions page.

Typically, when you log in to most sites with your Facebook ID, the site asks for permission to access your public Facebook profile. As you can see on the Supremo permission page, it asks for much more. Even if you have your relationship status set to private, if you give Supremo, or any site for that matter, special permissions, it will see your status.

Which begs the question, should you ever sign into any site or app with your Facebook ID? How much information are you actually giving those sites and apps when you do? If you ever log in to Facebook on another site, you are giving permission to Facebook to share personal data with that site.

The potential of exposed information is huge. Where you live, work, went to school. If you’re going to Hawaii next week for vacation. If you’re married or single. The location that you frequent most often. These are all things that you might be posting on Facebook, which could get into the hands of advertisers or worse, hackers.

Personal information that you post on Facebook could lead to identity theft if it gets into the wrong hands. That’s why you really need to be careful with what you’re posting. Also, make sure your Facebook privacy settings are up to date.

Facebook Privacy Settings

The Privacy tab controls who can see what you post and who can contact and find you. If you only change the settings in one place, this should be it (but you really should change all the settings we’re mentioning here).


In the “Who can see my stuff?” menu, set “Who can see your future posts?” to Friends. Then click the “Limit Past Posts” link and then the “Limit Old Posts” button. This changes any old posts marked as “Public” to “Friends.”

From here you can also access the Activity Log. This lets you review old posts, photos and more in your timeline to get rid of things you don’t want people to see anymore.

In the “Who can contact me?” section, change “Who can send you friend requests?” to “Friends of Friends.” This keeps strangers from sending you friend invites you don’t want. The exception is if you want old friends from school to be able to send you friend requests.

Under “Who can look me up?” you want to change the settings to “Friends,” “Friends” and “No.” This makes it much harder for strangers or stalkers to find you if they just have a phone number, email address or know your name. Keep in mind, this will also stop old friends from easily finding you.

Having your Privacy settings up to date and not logging into other sites with Facebook is a good way to safeguard sensitive information. That, as well as being careful with what you share, will help keep you safe.

Still not convinced, if you’d like to try the tool, click here.

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