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Would you allow a Facebook camera inside your home?

With nearly 2 billion users, it is clear that Facebook is an integral part of many people’s lives.

For many of us, it is tough to remember a time without the social site, which allows people to keep up with family and friends, get their news or simply waste more time than we’d like to admit.

You can admit it, you’ve spent hours scrolling through friends’ pictures, watching funny cat videos, or sending obnoxious memes to your buddies.

We get it!

But how far is too far?

One of Facebook’s newest creations, “Portal,” may answer that very question.

Expected to be released later this year, Portal is a camera-equipped smart device, likely akin to the Google Home, Amazon Echo and Apple HomePod. Along with offering the features of other home-assistants, Portal, with its camera, will not only make video chatting easier but likely make use of facial recognition technology to try and understand you better.

Before you think, “Well it doesn’t know what I look like, so how is that going to work?” remember that you’ve been uploading photos to Facebook for years, so with those — along with all the information you’ve already entered into Facebook — Portal will probably know you quite well.

In theory, this all could make Portal the most intuitive and helpful home-assistant device you have ever seen.

However, if the concept of purchasing a small device that can access a bevy of information about you and is equipped with a camera that watches as you mill around at home disturbs you, then Portal may not be on your wish list.

As long as we’re talking about Facebook and privacy

It turns out, as a Manhattan woman recently learned, anything you post or write through the site could be used against you in a court of law. Click here to learn more about why that is the case.

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