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Windows 10 warning: New ransomware changes all your passwords

The internet brought about a lot of great changes, online shopping anybody? But it also brought about many risks. Hackers have become a constant concern in our daily lives. Every time we enter our credit card online to buy something, we put our finances at risk.

Viruses, malware and sneaky internet criminals are constantly evolving. The risks of losing your personal information and having your computer taken over by strangers continue to rise every day. Tap or click here to see five scams online that can cost you thousands.

REvil ransomware is well known and it’s just become even more dangerous. This terrifying security threat has introduced a new attack mode and it’s fully automated. Keep reading to find out how to aovid falling victim.

Here’s the backstory

Ransomware is awful, and REvil’s is one of the most well-known on the market. Criminals take over your computer and essentially hold your digital life hostage until you pay their demand.

If you haven’t personally experienced this nasty trap, be thankful. Millions of people have fallen victim to this type of attack, including major corporations and even the U.S. government.

So how does this terrible ransomware work?

REvil uses a Windows 10 backdoor to get into your computer and then encrypts all your files. Thieves behind the attack then demand a ransom if you want your files decrypted and released.

REvil adds insult to injury with its version of ransomware. If you don’t pay the ransom in the allotted time frame, they double their demand. The demand also has to be paid in Bitcoin.

If you don’t pay, REvil will expose your personal data to the public. Nobody wants their parents to see those pictures from spring break, but if you don’t pay up, it may happen.

REvil gets a deadly update

REvil was dangerous before, but now it has gotten a deadly update. This new version changes the user’s password and allows REvil to reboot your computer into Safe Mode, all on its own. This new update allows them to bypass Windows security features completely.

By entering Safe Mode, the ransomware can’t be affected by other fail-safes like system backups. The process is now fully automated after they change your user password. It’s a scary, scary world.

How to protect yourself

Recently, a company in the U.K. was attacked by ransomware and paid the hackers to retrieve their information. They thought it was all over.

Two weeks later, they were attacked by the same hackers and had to pay up again. Their big mistake was not taking steps after they were hacked to prevent further attacks.

If you leave your coffee pot on and burn down your kitchen, you’d probably think twice about leaving it on all day again, wouldn’t you? Well, the best way to avoid being hacked by ransomware is to protect yourself before it happens.

Here’s what you can do.

  • Use great antivirus software – Install trusted antivirus that has proven malware, spyware and ransomware protection. Keep it update at all times. Tap or click here for the best antivirus options for PC and Mac.
  • Don’t trust those links – Avoid opening any suspicious-looking emails from unknown senders. If you receive unsolicited texts or emails, don’t click included links or open attachments. They could be malicious and infect your device with ransomware.
  • Keep your system up to date – Leaving software and operating systems out of date will leave openings for hackers to find a way in.
  • Never use public Wi-Fi without protection – Be mindful about unsecured and open Wi-Fi networks. If you need to use public Wi-Fi, learn how to use it without getting hacked.

Now for the most important way to protect against ransomware: Always back up important files. If your device gets locked by ransomware, you won’t have to pay the criminals to get your own data back. You’ll already have everything you need backed up.

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While there is no fool-proof way to protect yourself against hackers, there are steps you can take to protect yourself and your information from falling victim to online scams and ransomware.

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