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Windows 10 patch fixes 129 vulnerabilities – how to update

Patch Tuesday has finally arrived for June 2020, and Microsoft has plenty of fixes on deck. A whopping 129 bug and security fixes are present in the update, and Windows users are scrambling to get the patch on their system before hackers can take advantage of them.

That’s not to say everyone is happy about updating. Microsoft’s releases are notoriously buggy, and at this point, it almost feels like it’s playing Whack-a-mole with software issues. Tap or click here to see what was wrong with the May Patch Tuesday update.

But this update isn’t the only essential download with some issues of its own. Microsoft’s highly anticipated May 2020 update has been reportedly experiencing even more annoying bugs on top of the issues it was supposed to fix! Will Windows users ever catch a break?

Nevermind the bugs, get this critical security update or else!

Microsoft has announced that the Patch Tuesday update for June 2020 is here, and this month, it’s bringing a record amount of bug fixes along with it. Well, that and some bugs of its own.

According to Microsoft, the update includes 129 different bug fixes for a variety of performance and security issues. These are mostly related to remote code execution vulnerabilities, which have to do with Microsoft’s remote desktop feature. It’s one of the primary vectors that hackers use to attack PCs, so fixing these security holes is paramount to your safety.

To install the patch, all you need to do is navigate to the Start Menu, click on the Settings gear icon, and click on Update and Security. If the patch hasn’t already been installed, you’ll see it available to download.

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Be warned, however: Microsoft’s last Patch Tuesday update had several annoying bugs, including one that disabled search on PCs. If you get this update, be prepared to hear about new glitches from us within a few days or weeks. It’s almost inevitable at this point.

A perfect example of the issue?

In related news, Microsoft’s May 2020 update has been riddled with several annoying bugs of its own, including a specific set of glitches affecting owners of Lenovo-branded laptops.

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Microsoft and Lenovo have acknowledged the issues, and to its credit, Lenovo has created a support page to detail the staggering number of issues and fixes available (it occupies multiple pages). To fix any issues you might be experiencing with your Lenovo laptop, click here to see the guide.

Microsoft, if you’re listening, we actually don’t mind waiting a little longer for updates if they’re more stable in the end. Then again, maybe the lingering glitches are a way to keep us updating no matter what. With so many cropping up each time, we can’t help but be suspicious!

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