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Will your area code lead to more robocalls?

Nobody actually likes robocalls, right? They arrive at inopportune times and even just a couple seconds of staying on the call seems like a couple seconds too long.

Unfortunately while there are all sorts of laws, apps and tools meant to help combat them, robocalls are not likely to go away anytime soon. But even with that in mind, it’s probably not surprising to know that not all robocalls are created equal.

Rather, the sheer volume of calls we receive differs due to a lot of reasons. One of them, however, area code.

You might be destined to be robocalled

Our numbers get on robocall lists in a variety of ways, most of which we don’t even realize. The Federal Communications Commission says it receives more than 200,000 complaints over robocalls every year, which may not seem like much until you remember most of us probably just hang up and move on.

Some phone numbers are more likely to end up on a robocall list than others, with the area code being a determining factor. According to YouMail, which is a free service that helps to stop robocalls, there were a whopping 4.1 billion robocalls placed nationwide in June alone, with an average of nearly 13 calls per person who was contacted.

That sounds just awful, right? Well, it turns out the first three digits in a phone number could make a world of difference.

So, which area codes are the most likely to receive robocalls?

  • 404 — Atlanta, GA
  • 678 — Atlanta, GA
  • 832 — Houston, TX
  • 214 — Dallas, TX
  • 954 — Miami, FL
  • 917 — New York, NY
  • 310 — Los Angeles, CA
  • 347 — New York, NY
  • 770 — Atlanta, GA
  • 305 — Miami, FL
  • 773 — Chicago, IL
  • 817 — Dallas, TX
  • 704 — Charlotte, NC
  • 205 — Birmingham, AL
  • 407 — Orlando, FL
  • 901 — Memphis, TN
  • 702 — Las Vegas, NV
  • 225 — Baton Rouge, LA
  • 706 — Augusta, GA
  • 210 — San Antonio, TX

Looking at it, if your phone happens to be listed under one of those area codes and you are often on the receiving end of the calls, understand that you are not only correct in that feeling, but also not alone.

Conversely, if your area code is not listed above that means you may not receive them as often, but not that you won’t get them at all.

Along with the most-called area codes, YouMail also notes the most common numbers the calls will come from. They are:

  • 800-955-6600
  • 800-266-2278
  • 877-647-8552
  • 888-222-4227
  • 347-394-2956 App background

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