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Update your browser to get these security updates and snazzy features

September in Apple land is not merely the time for the unveiling of new iPhones, it is also the month when major software updates for almost every Apple product are released.

This time, a bunch of significant browser enhancements were released for Safari 12, including useful new security and privacy features, plus one interface tweak that will surely delight power users.

Safari may not be the most popular browser right now (Google Chrome is currently beating other browsers by a mile), but these new changes may help bring users back to the fold.

Read on and check out all the incoming Safari 12 updates that you will definitely appreciate!

Safari 12 security updates

Safari 12 comes with many security and privacy updates that you will definitely appreciate. Here are the most notable ones:

  • Pop-up blocking on specific sites
  • Stronger password suggestions with password reuse detection
  • Automatic disabling of extensions that slow down Safari
  • Improved security by only allowing Safari extensions that have been properly reviewed by Apple
  • Prevents social media buttons and embedded content from cross-website tracking without a user’s permission (Trackers and cookies are flagged with a “Do you want to be tracked?” dialog box.)

Safari tabs get favicons

It’s not all about security on Safari 12. This change, small as it may seem, is a big deal to many Safari users.

Finally, favicons will now appear on open browser tabs in Safari 12. This may sound like a trivial cosmetic tweak but for some people, it’s a glaring omission that forces them to troop to competing browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Fun Fact: What are favicons? Favicons are the small icons and logos that represent websites and web pages. Displaying them with tabs helps you identify open websites quickly, useful for quick switching and tab organization.

How to check for Safari updates

You can check which version of Safari you’re running by opening the program and clicking the Safari menu option at the top of the page. Then, click About Safari to see your version.

Next, click the Apple menu at the top of your computer screen and select “App Store… .” When the App Store opens, click the Updates button at the top of the page.

How to enable tab favicons on Safari 12

To enable Safari’s tab favicons, you have to be on macOS Sierra or High Sierra and you have updated your browser to Safari 12. Note: Safari 12 will be automatically installed when you update your Mac to macOS Mojave.

Once updated to Safari 12, simply open the browser, then on the left side of your Mac’s Menu Bar, select Safari>>Preferences.

Now, go to the Tabs section and simply check the “Show website icons in tabs” box.

How to enable Safari tab favicons on iOS

iOS Safari, too, gets tab favicons. Although not so useful on an iPhone, this feature is well worth it if you’re browsing with multiple tabs with Safari on an iPad.

To enable favicons on iOS Safari, open Settings then scroll down and tap Safari.

In the next section, look for a toggle called “Show Icons in Tabs” and simply slide it to the “On” position (it turns green).

Congratulations! You now have tab favicons on Safari.

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