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Have any crypto? That data breach email is fake!

Have you received a data breach notification from your favorite cryptocurrency wallet? Trezor’s one of the most prominent front-runners in offline crypto storage. Even this huge brand isn’t impervious to phishing campaigns targeting its client base.

If you use Trezor, you’re going to want to read this. Be careful who you trust with your data.

Why are Trezor users getting scammed?

This week, reports of text messages and emails claiming to be sent from Trezor representatives have been hitting user inboxes. They all describe a data breach compromising the recipients’ data and ask that they visit a website linked in the message.

It’s a frightening message. It asks that you assume all your assets are “vulnerable,” and many people have fallen for it. Don’t be fooled, though. It’s a fake Trezor website, and it’s after some of the most critical security information associated with your account.

The phishing scheme aims to snag your recovery seed and liberate your cryptocurrency from an otherwise secure physical wallet. Once they have it, consider your crypto lost for good.

Trezor has confirmed that these intrusions aren’t affiliated with the brand and urges you to reach out through the company’s site to report suspicious behavior. It’s believed that these threat actors acquired the victims’ contact information through an unrelated MailChimp breach in 2022.

As far as the authorities have found, there is no data breach to be concerned with, and Trezor customers should continue to enjoy their crypto wallets as usual.

Why you should never trust a shady message, even from a trusted brand

The moral of the story? Protect your recovery seed, and never share it online or over the phone. Here are a few more tips to keep your wallets safe:

  • Never share passwords, recovery information or other crypto credentials through unverified portals and weird, random “alerts.”
  • Double-check that the site you’re visiting is the correct URL (phishing scams often use misleadingly similar domains. This includes email addresses)
  • Be wary of marketing campaigns from unnamed representatives, even if they claim to be from your preferred crypto brands.

Providers like Trezor help users protect their assets with a secure, private wallet that allows them to invest and spend confidently. Always do what you can to keep scammers at bay. Cold calls, third-party apps and shady deals should all be turned away.

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