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One step you must take to secure your Facebook account now

At least once per day, if not more, I receive a notification from Facebook in my inbox like the one below. The email warns me that someone has just tried to hack my account. Nice.

Lately, I have been getting as many as four of these warnings a day. If my account malicious activity is any indication, the hackers and scammers are upping their game trying to access our Facebook accounts. You need to take steps now to further lock down your account. Make sure you have your account set up the right way.

The feature I’ve set in my Facebook account (and you should, too) is called Login Alerts. When this feature is turned on, you’ll be notified immediately if someone tries to log into your account from a new location.

Turning on Login Alerts

To turn on these alerts, log in to Facebook and open your Settings menu. Click on Security, Login Alerts, and Edit. Select Get Notifications and Email Login Alerts, then save your changes.

Should you ever receive an alert from Facebook stating someone has logged into your account from an unrecognized location, it’s critical that you follow the instructions provided. The email you receive will outline steps you should take to reset your password and secure your information.

Tip within a tip: Psst! Desktop users can take security to another level with Facebook’s new security keys. Think of these special USB drives like the keys to your house and car. Without them, no one can access your Facebook account. Click here and learn how to register for yours.

One thing to keep in mind is that the first time you log in from a new location, on a new browser or with a new device, Facebook will send you the notification of an unrecognized login attempt. You can, however, set up a list of trusted devices.

After logging in for the first time on a new device, you’ll be asked if you want Facebook to remember it. Click Save Browser and Facebook won’t notify you of logins from that particular location, browser or device again. Just be sure to never do this on a public or work computer, or with any device that you don’t keep a close eye on.

Extra security for Login Alerts

By taking one extra step, you can set up Two-Factor Authentication for your Facebook account. This way, when someone tries to access your account, a separate verification code will be needed to complete the login process.

To set up these approvals, select Login Approvals in Facebook’s Security Settings, then click Login Approvals. From there, find the section labeled Two-Factor Authentication, and click Enable. You’ll be asked to confirm that you’d like to turn this feature on. Click Enable one more time to activate this setting.

Want to see which devices are currently logged into your Facebook account? Read this article for that, and four other Facebook security tips.

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