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This key might save your digital life

If you haven’t heard of two-factor authentication, or can’t remember exactly what it is, it’s a super-simple function. It will save you money and keep hackers and cyber criminals at bay.

It just means that, instead of using one step like a password to protect yourself online, you use two steps. The second step is usually a code sent to your smartphone.

Unfortunately, scammers are now finding ways to steal those codes right from your phone. But Google might just have the perfect solution.

This is simply amazing!

Google has nearly 90,000 employees working for it, which makes this an incredible story. The tech giant initiated a new two-factor authentication program company-wide in early 2017.

It started making all employees use a “security key” whenever logging into their account. The amazing thing is, none of Google’s employees have had their work accounts compromised since. Think about that. Zero of the almost 90,000 accounts compromised in over a year. That’s mind blowing!

The program is so successful, it makes you wonder why everyone isn’t doing it. Well, good news. Now we all can.

Google started selling these terrific gadgets last week and they’re now available to all of us.

So how can you get one?

Google’s Titan Security Keys are phishing-resistant two-factor authentication (2FA) gadgets that help protect critical information from the likes of cyber criminals. It works with popular browsers and ecosystems that support FIDO (Fast ID Online) standards. The keys plug into your machine’s USB drive.

They can really improve your security and make it almost impossible for hackers to breach your online accounts that support 2FA. It sells for $50 in the Google store.

Each key bundle comes with a physical USB security key and a Bluetooth security key. One for primary use and one for safe keeping.

The device just went on sale and it’s already so popular that it’s on backorder. To get one, you need to join a wait list. Tap or click here for more details about the key and join the wait list if you’d like. It might just save your digital life, or at least a nice chunk of change.

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