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Test shows you how many times your personal info was exposed

Over the last few years, I have kept you up-to-date on new data breaches, leaks and hacks. Have you ever wondered if your personal information is in the hands of scammers, hackers or worse? Now, you can know in seconds.

From the massive Office of Personnel Management hack that happened in 2015, the retail hacks of Target and Home Depot, and of course, the Yahoo data breach, your information is being targeted on an almost-daily basis.

This helpful quiz from The New York Times tells you how many times you’ve been the target of cybercriminal attacks. The quiz will ask you things like if you’ve applied to a government job, the online accounts you hold, where you’ve used your credit or debit card and what form of health insurance you used and for what time period you used it.

The quiz then compiles the information you’ve given and tells you roughly how many times your information was exposed to dangerous cybercriminals.

I took the quiz and my phone number and address were exposed by companies that I do business with. Surprised? You shouldn’t be considering the number of incidents that happen on what seems like a daily basis.

Click to start the quiz.

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