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Tech lawyer discusses 2 biggest issues today

One of the biggest challenges about our online world today is the law covering it. Technology has quickly outstripped efforts to regulate it and protect those who use it. The ongoing squabble about Net Neutrality is a good indicator of this.

Steven Teppler, a leading attorney for cyberlaw, hosts a podcast on the PodcastK Network called CyberLaw Now. He’s at the forefront of these technology issues.

“It goes back to 1997,” he said. “I was involved in litigation about computerized time sheets” when a dispute arose over some of the entries. Teppler figured out how to prove whether entries were legitimate with forensic techniques, for which he has received six patents.

What to know about technology

Teppler helped create the Information Security Committee for the American Bar Association, and he’s now co-chair of the Internet of Things Committee for the association. He knows what he’s talking about when he gives advice about technology – and his advice is familiar to Kim Komando’s listeners and readers.

Teppler says the two biggest issues facing people online today are – no surprise – privacy and security.

He says connected devices can compromise you.

“Alexa and other devices can gather data, and they can be sold and resold,” with your data intact, he said. Companies need to find a better way to protect your data and to scrub old data from old devices.

He also raised warnings about the security of connected devices.

“They can malfunction and allow people to access your home network through your air conditioner, water heater or many other ways,” Teppler said.

“All these devices talk to servers. If the code in the device or in a web app is defective or has a security problem, that can cause widespread breaches,” he said. “We’re talking city sewers, traffic lights, etc. There is no code of quality, no doublechecking.”

He offered some advice about what you can do to protect yourself.

“Be careful about what you agree to online before you do it,” Teppler said. “Don’t just sign up or buy a device because it’s cool. Don’t buy the first edition. It’ll have to be corrected – it always will.

“Every first-generation Nest device, for example, was recalled.”

CyberLaw Now

Here’s a sample of Steven Teppler’s podcast, CyberLaw Now. Listen to his advice on how to make sure your password is hacker proof.

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