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New podcast: The secret software watching your every move at work

There’s no sugarcoating it: We all live in a science fiction novel. For starters, we have robot waiters bussing tables and taking orders, suspiciously phallic rockets penetrating the exosphere and even acid-spitting scorpions in Texas.

Even if you try to escape our chaotic society and live off the grid, chances are your private data lurks on some company’s server. If that gets hacked, so does your private information (including your birthdate, address or even SSN). Tap or click here to find out if you’re collateral damage in a recent data breach.

Bottom line: Countless privacy invaders want to mine your data for their own uses. First, hackers want to sell your secrets to make a killing on the Dark Web. Second, Big Tech companies track your every click, whip up your personal customer profile and — you guessed it — sell that data to third-party advertisers. Third, even your boss can get a piece of the privacy pie.

That’s right. Your supervisor might know your Google search history

We put together a full podcast on bossware, spyware, sneaky surveillance methods and more. It’s a complex topic, but our episode breaks it down with tons of easy-to-understand examples.

If you’re blanching at the idea of your boss knowing everything you’ve searched in your browser, don’t faint in embarrassment. First, ask yourself these questions:

  • Have I ever browsed for fun on a laptop my company gave me?
  • Has my company ever given me a wearable device like a FitBit?
  • Do I use a phone my supervisors gave me for work?

If so, you may have invited bossware into your private life. From CCTV cameras to keyloggers recording all of your keystrokes (including unsent mails), bosses have a lot of tools to track you. As you can imagine, location tracking is another threat looming over your head.

PROTECT YOUR DEVICES: How to scan your computer for viruses and malware online

Not sure what the term “bossware” means? It’s a strain of spyware that targets workers and students. Supervisors want to keep a close eye on their employees … but sometimes their gaze is too close for comfort. It can even threaten students’ futures.

Take online proctoring, for example. Most universities will watch over students while they take tests remotely. But thanks to a technical misunderstanding, 17 Dartmouth students were accused of cheating. They faced expulsion — all because the university misunderstood the very tech it was using on students.)

Thanks to this software, companies can track you even outside of work hours

Want some spyware examples? You may have even heard about Pegasus, a military-grade spyware hacker that helps bad guys breach your phone and copy your private data. Tap or click here for the explosive story.

It’s so scary, it will have you scrambling for spyware removal methods. Before you start searching for spyware detectors or spyware apps or iPhone or Android, give our podcast a listen.

In this episode of Kim Komando Explains, security researcher Cooper Quintin reveals how bossware works, what it tracks and how you’re hurt when organizations use it to observe every single thing you’re doing. Vice President Mike James and our Content Queen Allie Seligman step in to share the full scoop with you.

So if you’re a worker or a student, do yourself a favor and hit play. It’s essential listening if you want to protect your digital privacy!

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