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Petition calls for an end to spoofed robocalls

Robocalls are the most frustrating part of being a phone owner and no one likes them. Ready to finally be leaving it behind?

If you’re anything like me, you receive anywhere from 2 to 10 of these per day without ceasing. Receiving anything from fake insurance claims, free trips, car warranties and more like them.

A petition on Consumer Reports is hoping to end robocalls as they demand phone companies put some promising new anti-robocall technology to work. So what does that involve and how can you help the efforts?


Why is the robocall plague getting worse every year?


What can you do about robocalls?

This new technology is being tested now to stop those pesky and unwanted robocalls from reaching you. What we need is for the FCC to require phone companies to adopt it, and to make sure corporations are implementing it at no cost to you.

So far, the efforts have brought in over 173,000 signatures and you can help bring them to their goal of making this matter. Simply go to the website, add your name to the petition that’s asking FCC Chairman Ajit Pai to take action and stop robocalls from wasting everyone’s precious time.

What’s the plan for the anti-robocall petition?

The petition is asking that the Federal Communications Commission require phone companies to adopt this call-verification technology as soon as possible to stop harmful “spoofed” robocalls. They are also demanding the FCC police the phone companies’ fulfillment of this technology in hopes to make sure it is as effective as possible at stopping these robocalls, and with no added cost to the consumer.

With robocalls being so frequent and regular “spoofing” occurring on your other devices, it’s about time we get something in play to head off this most annoying part of owning a phone. These types of calls regularly pop-up to look like someone local but are always automated and don’t take no for an answer.

As phone carriers are beginning to care and join this fight as well, there may be hope for us yet as we all unify against this plague of technology. App background

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