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Here’s how Ring is addressing privacy concerns amid major security criticism

Home security has gotten a huge boost in recent years from new technology. Even your doorbell is getting smarter.

For example, Ring doorbells have security cams that let you see who is at your door or if a porch pirate is stealing packages. Unfortunately, Ring has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. Tap or click here to see how thousands of Ring passwords were leaked online.

Amid major security concerns, Ring is making some changes that are supposed to ease customer’s fears. But will it work?

Ring updates its mobile apps to beef up privacy

In response to widespread security concerns, Ring announced it is adding a privacy dashboard to its mobile apps called Control Center. This new dashboard will let Ring users manage their connected devices and third-party services.

It will give users the ability to decide if local police departments who are partnered with Ring can access video taken from their Ring devices. The privacy dashboard will be launched later this month and will be accessible from Ring apps on both Apple and Android devices.

The company promised to add more features in the future, including giving users the ability to see and remove logged-in users directly from the app. You will also be able to set up two-factor authentication (2FA) from the app.

Ring has had 2FA available for quite a while, and the company stresses the importance of enabling it. The problem is not everyone was aware that it’s available and some didn’t know how to set it up.

The new privacy dashboard will make it easier to secure your Ring devices. Having all of its security and privacy settings in one place will simplify things for users. In fact, for new customers, 2FA will be enabled automatically in the future. Users will have to opt-out of 2FA if they don’t want to use it for some reason.

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Securing your Ring devices

After thousands of Ring customer’s passwords were leaked online, the company suggested the following security precautions to stay protected.

Enable Two-factor authentication (2FA) – For new customers in the future, 2FA will automatically be enabled; however, if you are a current Ring user you’ll need to enable 2FA on your own. Tap or click here to learn more about the importance of 2FA.

Use unique, strong passwords – If you haven’t updated your Ring password, or it isn’t very strong, it’s time to change it. Even if your account wasn’t part of the recent leak, it’s always a good idea to have unique passwords for every site and service you use — and make sure they are tough to crack. Tap or click here for help creating strong passwords.

To update your Ring password, open the Ring app >> tap the three-lined icon to open the side menu >> tap Account >> tap Change Password (passwords must be at least 8 characters, a mix of letters and numbers, and can have no special characters) >> enter your current password >> enter your new password >> confirm.

Utilize Ring’s “Shared User” feature – Instead of sharing your Ring credentials, utilize the Shared User feature found in the Ring app. This will let you add people to your Ring account without giving them the password. They will be able to access your Ring device and take advantage of all its features, but your credentials won’t be in anyone else’s hands.

While these security precautions will help protect your Ring devices, there are other smart appliances to worry about. It’ll be OK, we can help. Tap or click here to learn how to stop hackers from taking over your smart home devices.

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