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Recall warning: Phone charger is a fire risk – Do you own it?

Prices on new tech gadgets can be hard to swallow. After all, who wants to spend thousands of dollars on a new 4K TV or computer?

But if you’re opting for inexpensive tech accessories to cut costs, you could be asking for trouble. Not all accessories are built with the same quality control, and cheap options are often recalled due to safety issues. These phone chargers that were recently recalled due to being fire hazards are just one example.

There’s another recall happening right now that you need to know about. In this case, a wireless charging stand is a major fire risk. If you own this charger, you need to take action right now. Here’s what you need to know.

The wireless charging stand recall

Do you have a Belkin “Portable Wireless Charger + Stand Special Edition” sitting on your nightstand or desk? If so, you should unplug it ASAP. These chargers are under recall due to a dangerous fire risk. If you leave them plugged into a power source, you’re risking a fire in your home.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the fire risk is due to a manufacturing defect in the power supply unit. This defect can cause the charger to malfunction and overheat, posing fire and shock hazards. No injuries have been reported yet, but you don’t want to take the risk.

Unsure as to whether you own this charger? This particular product is the power bank and charging stand in one. It has a 10,000 mAh power capacity and wireless charging capabilities of up to 10W when docked. 

The package includes the Portable Wireless Charger + Stand Special Edition and an external power supply. They are black or white in color with “Belkin” printed on the front of the stand and the power bank. 

These wireless chargers were sold from several locations, including Apple stores worldwide, online at and from July 2020 through October 2020. The retail price was about $80. 

About 2,280 of these Belkin wireless charger stands are under recall, so be sure to check any Belkin charging stand that you own. Anyone who has this charger in their possession should immediately stop using it. Leaving it connected to a power source puts you at risk of serious safety hazards. 

Once you’ve unplugged the unit, contact Belkin for instructions on safe disposal. You can reach Belkin at 800-223-5546 anytime or online at via the Support button at the top of the page. The company is also offering a full refund or credit toward the purchase of another product.

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Other recalls of note

There are a few other product recalls to note, including:

Rapala Rechargeable Fillet Knives

Rapala Rechargeable Fillet Knives are currently under recall due to overheating issues. The battery in these knives can overheat and catch fire if non-Rapala chargers are used to charge the battery. These knives were sold at Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, Fleet Farm and sporting goods stores nationwide and online at from March 2011 through December 2018 for about $101. 

There have already been reports of 12 batteries overheating and catching fire, and they have caused damage to surrounding areas in some cases. No injuries have been reported. If you’re using one of these knives, Rapala will replace it for free under the recall. You can find out more about this recall here.

Massimo Motor Sports Percussion Massage Guns

If you bought a Massimo Motor Sports Percussion Massage Gun at Costco recently, you might want to take note of this recall. These massage guns are being recalled due to an issue with the lithium-ion battery system, which can overheat and be a fire hazard. Anyone using these massage guns should stop immediately and contact Massimo for a refund.

According to CPSC, this recall involves Massimo Percussion Massage Gun models that were sold exclusively at Costco. They were sold in black, silver, gold, blue and all were model number EM003. Model numbers can be found on the Product information card in the package. Find more information on this recall here.

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Pepperoni Hot Pockets

If you have a box of Pepperoni Hot Pockets in your freezer, you should know that some of these frozen pizza pockets are currently under recall. This recall includes approximately 762,615 pounds of not-ready-to-eat (NRTE) Hot Pockets, including frozen pepperoni Hot Pockets with Garlic Buttery Crust.

Details of the recalled product:

  • 54-oz carton packages containing 12 “Nestlé HOT POCKETS BRAND SANDWICHES: PREMIUM PEPPERONI MADE WITH PORK, CHICKEN & BEEF PIZZA GARLIC BUTTERY CRUST” with a “BEST BEFORE FEB 2022” date and lot codes 0318544624, 0319544614, 0320544614 and 0321544614.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) said the recall was prompted over concerns that these Hot Pockets are contaminated with pieces of glass and hard plastic. These contaminants could pose a choking or cutting hazard if swallowed.

According to the recall notice, there have been four consumer complaints due to contaminants in the pepperoni Hot Pockets. Anyone who has purchased this product is urged not to consume it. You can find out more about this recall here.

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