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This man lost his home to title fraud – see if you’re at risk

Think about all the information about you floating around online. From your Social Security number to your address, there are a lot of enterprising criminals who can get their hands on it. And the truth is, everything you do online from home increases your risk of home title theft.

What’s home title theft, you ask? It’s a simple but devastating form of fraud. Cyberthieves discovered the titles to our homes are kept online. They forge your name on your deed, stating you sold your home, and refile as the new owner.

The scariest part is years could go by before you find out you’ve been victimized. That’s where our sponsor, Home Title Lock, comes in to put a virtual barrier around your home’s title. The instant they detect tampering, they mobilize to shut it down.

Go to and register your address to see if you’re already a victim. Use code Kim for 30 free days of protection. Keep reading to hear Jeff’s story and how Home Title Lock can protect you from becoming a victim.

Just like that, Jeff’s home wasn’t his anymore

Jeff worked in construction for 37 years and paid off his dream home in the country in 2009. “That’s what we’re all taught, you know? Go to school, get a job, buy a house, and retire and live in that house” he said. “That was gonna be my home forever.”

Then the unthinkable happened. “When I received the letter in the mail saying my property was going up for sale, I thought it was a mistake.”

Jeff tried to contact his former mortgage company and found it was no longer in existence. He contacted an attorney, and a few months later he got a letter saying someone had bought his home. “I said, ‘You couldn’t have.'”

Over the next several years, Jeff went through the same process: Receiving letters in the mail about his own home, fighting off foreclosure and dealing with all the stress that came with it.

“I was at my wit’s end, and then I heard the commercial on the radio,” he said. That commercial was for Home Title Lock, the only company that can protect your title from this devastating theft. Your homeowners’ insurance, title insurance and identity theft protection do not help you against this kind of crime.

Home Title Lock has more than 6 billion home records on file. The instant someone tampers with your title or submits a document related to it, Home Title Lock is alerted. They, in turn, alert you.

How does home title theft happen?

Most everything can be done over the internet these days. That includes digitizing sensitive documents, like your home title, and storing them online. Cybercriminals target home titles because they stand to make thousands and thousands of dollars by taking them over.

Here’s how title fraud works:

  • Home titles are kept online nowadays, and criminals know that. Everything they need to take over legal ownership of your home, rental property or vacation home can easily be found online.
  • Thieves will forge your signature on a legal home transfer deed, place a fake notary seal on it and refile your home’s title claiming to be the new owner. Shockingly, no government agency is required to verify the legitimacy of your home’s transfer. Just like that, it’s theirs.
  • The criminal’s next logical move is to take out loans from multiple lenders using your home as collateral. They take off with the cash and stick you with the payments.
  • In some cases, thieves may claim ownership of your home and force authorities to evict you from your own place. Yes, this actually happens!

If you find yourself in this unfortunate position, it will cost tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees to regain ownership of your home. Making the situation even more frightful is the fact that title fraud is not covered by homeowner’s insurance, banks or common identity theft programs.

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That’s why you need another way to safeguard your home. Only Home Title Lock protects you.

Don’t wait for the worst to happen

For pennies a day, Home Title Lock posts a virtual perimeter around your home’s online title and mortgage. The instant Home Title Lock detects anyone tampering with your title or mortgage, it’s on the case, alerting you and mobilizing to help shut it down.

In the unlikely event that your title or mortgage is compromised, Home Title Lock’s U.S. based Resolution Experts will assist until the matter is resolved.

Go to and register your address to see if you’re already a victim. Use code Kim for 30 free days of protection to help you through this crisis. To make sure you’re satisfied, Home Title Lock offers a 100% money-back guarantee for the first 60 days.

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