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Another phony IRS email is making the rounds – DO NOT click it

It’s a shame that thieves are taking advantage of the pandemic. Countless scams related to vaccines, vaccination cards, economic relief, employment and the COVID virus itself have surfaced.

One scam making the rounds involves a text message informing recipients that their unemployment benefits are expiring. The message includes a link to a fake state workforce agency site that requests personal information. Tap or click here for details on this scheme.

A similar financial scam involves messages regarding a third Economic Impact Payment (EIP). The senders claim to be from the International Revenue Service. Read on to see how this one works and ways to avoid falling victim to it.

Don’t click that link

The Federal Trade Commission is warning of a malicious email being sent around. The message states that the recipient can get a third EIP if they click a link to “access the form for your additional information” and “get help” with the application.

The email and message within it are fraudulent, and clicking the link can lead to your money or information being stolen. The latter can lead to identity theft.

This is one of many scams we’ve reported on that involve government impersonators:

How to avoid scams like this

There are a few general precautions you can take to avoid these scams:

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