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microsoft patch tuesday
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Patch your PC! Zero-day, 84 flaws fixed in latest Windows update

Every second Tuesday of the month is known as Patch Tuesday. This is the chosen day of many software companies for firmware updates and vulnerability fixes. Many of these updates help keep hackers from breaching your system. Tap or click here for a free online tool that checks websites for malware.

In the latest update from Microsoft, the company fixes over 80 problems in its Windows operating system. This month’s vulnerabilities include a dangerous zero-day. So you don’t want to ignore it.

Read on for details on some flaws and how to get this critical update.

Here’s the backstory

Microsoft’s October Patch Tuesday update brings Windows 10 20H2 to build version 19044.2130, Windows 10 21H1 to build version 19043.2130 and Windows 10 21H2 to build version 19044.2130. While the update number depends on your build version, the files are identical.

The update corrects 84 flaws, with Microsoft labeling 13 as critical. It also includes a fix for two zero-day exploits, but a third exploit remains a problem.

Without going into details, Microsoft explained that the CVE-2022-41033 vulnerability is particularly dangerous. Microsoft warned that attackers who successfully exploit this vulnerability could gain system privileges. This means a hacker can take complete control of your computer.

In other bad news, the tech giant confirms that the October patch doesn’t correct two zero-day exploits from September.

October’s update fixes:

  • 39 elevation of privilege vulnerabilities.
  • Two security feature bypass flaws.
  • 20 Remote Code Execution vulnerabilities.
  • 11 Information Disclosure flaws.
  • Eight Denial of Service flaws.
  • Four spoofing exploits.

What you can do about it

Your best move is to update your Windows PC immediately. Getting the update now will help you protect against hackers and malware.

How to update Windows 10:

  • Tap or click the Start button Settings Update & Security > Windows Update. Then select Check for updates.
  • If an update is available, select Download and install now.

How to update Windows 11:

  • Go to Start Settings > Windows Update Check for updates.
  • If an update is available, select Download and install now.

Remember that some updates require a restart to take effect.

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