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One app you need in an emergency

There’s a lot of technology that helps you maintain good health. There are fitness trackers, smart watches with fitness tracking, and fitness apps for your phone that make sure you’re staying active and in good shape.

Those are great. But, did you know there’s an app that could save your life and the lives of everyone you love?

It’s called ICE, which stands for “In Case of Emergency.” This app is a free download for Android users and makes it easy to store and access information you’ll need in an emergency.

With ICE, you can enter in a list of emergency contacts, as well as critical information about your medical records. For example, if you’re allergic to specific medications, you can note that in ICE. You can also list any medications you’re currently taking, past diseases or surgeries you’ve had, and things like your blood type.

Another advantage of ICE is that you can create several different profiles, which makes it easy to keep track of medical information for your entire family. Or, if you’re caring for an aging parent, you can use ICE to easily access everything you need to communicate with doctors.

If an emergency ever arises, ICE has an alarm button that can be used to send a message to everyone on your contact list. This can save valuable time to get you the help that you need, which could possibly save your life.

ICE is only available for Android phones and you can download the free app here from the Google Play Store.

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