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Next major Windows 10 update is one you can’t miss

Last April, Microsoft’s last big Creators Update for Windows 10 added a ton of useful features. While the company introduced new privacy tools and tweaked its Windows Hello biometric password-less login system, hardly anything changed with Windows 10’s traditional password login system.

We all know how password recovery can be tedious, especially when it’s required to log into a computer. If you’ve forgotten your Microsoft Account password and you don’t have Windows Hello set up, this means you’ll have to go through the long and arduous recovery process on another gadget just to reset your credentials.

Thankfully, Microsoft is making the password recovery process a lot easier in the upcoming Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

Spotted in the latest Windows Insider preview build 16237, the new feature introduces an “I forgot my password” option below the password field on the login page. Windows Hello and PIN code users can also access this password reset link by going to “other options.”

Once you start the password recovery process by clicking “I forgot my password,” a wizard with Cortana will guide you throughout the whole process. First, it will ask you to verify your Microsoft Account via a secondary email address, your phone number or through the Microsoft Authenticator app. Once you verify your account, you can reset your password immediately on the same login screen. And that’s it!

Although this sounds like a minor change and it still requires another gadget for verification, this is simpler and quicker than the current password recovery system, which still requires you to reset your password entirely on another device. This should save you a step or two and will definitely make the Windows 10 user experience much smoother.

There are more improvements in Windows Insider build 16237 like the Microsoft Edge read aloud feature, blurry desktop icon fixes and other user interface tweaks that are worth checking out.

The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is expected to roll out in September.

If you want to take advantage of these early sneak peeks of upcoming Windows 10 builds, you can sign up for Microsoft’s Windows Insider Program.

Important: Be forewarned that Insider builds are beta versions of Windows 10 and can be unstable. We don’t recommend installing them on your main computer. Also, make sure you have a complete backup of your machine before installing any Insider build.

To join the Windows Insider Program, make sure you already have a Microsoft Account then sign up for the program here.

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