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New Year, New Threats: 5 security predictions for 2018

As we soon ring in a new year, 2017 will be remembered for its massive data breaches. We saw billions of people’s most sensitive information stolen, which highlighted how bad some companies secure our info.

Businesses will have to come up with new ideas for securing our personal information and rethink how they handle public disclosure of such events. So what does the new year hold?

IBM has compiled a list of Security Predictions in 2018.

1. A.I. Versus A.I.

Cybercriminals will start adopting Artificial Intelligence for their attacks to speed up their crimes as well as automate them. They will use machine learning to spoof humans so it’s harder for us to detect malicious and phishing attacks. This will push the cybersecurity pros to sharpen their own A.I. tools to combat criminals.

2. Africa becomes new focus area

Africa is seeing huge growth in tech with its rising economy. This will feed cybercriminals targeting companies based on the region. It will also allow for an increase in new cyberattacks originating from the continent directed at others across the world.

3. Stolen identities on a new scale

With 2 billion records stolen this year, this is on a whole new level that we have never seen. Social Security numbers for half the U.S. were stolen in one attack.

This will push organizations to stop using SSNs and drive a campaign to find an alternative. That could come in the form of blockchain technology, smart ID cards, or even biometrics.

4. Ransomware will target IoT devices

Traditionally, ransomware attacks targeted computers, locking up your files unless you pay a ransom. With the rise of Internet of Things devices like security cameras, Amazon’s Echo, and connected appliances, they will become a huge target to breach networks.

5. Proper Response

In 2018, we will see a company respond to a data breach fast and appropriately. In Europe, companies will be required to report data breached within 72 hours or face huge fines. This will push companies to plan ahead for these types of events rather than be reactionary.

2017 has been monumental in cybersecurity and will lead to many changes. Cybercriminals have stepped up their game and will continue to poke around with the best tools to breach networks and wreak havoc.

Let’s hope for a better 2018, but as we all well know, it can change in the blink of an eye.

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