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New way to check for “Fake News”

Fake news is one of the scourges of our increasingly connected world. With billions having instant access to social media sites and the web, misinformation can spread quickly like wildfire.

This is the reason why two of the biggest sources of news, Google and Facebook, (fake or otherwise) have made strides in cracking down on sites and sources that promote misleading stories.

Now, another tech giant is joining the fray and it is introducing its own tool for fighting fake news and misleading websites.

Bing Fact Check

Microsoft is adding its own “Fact Check” label to Bing search results, similar to what Google already has on its own search engine.

The company said that this will assist users in finding fact checking information on news, major stories and webpages within the Bing search results.

When Bing detects that a news article or website has fact-checking information from organizations like Snopes or Politifact, the label will be added so users can judge for themselves what is real or fake.

Bing’s “Fact Check” label will be applied to a wide range of searches including news, health, science and politics.

Here’s an example of Bing’s “Fact Check” label on a specific search result:

Can’t view the images? Click here to view the article on

Bing’s fact check label is rolling out now and you should spot it in all your Bing search queries soon.

What do you think? Will Bing’s new fact check label help out in the fight against fake news? Drop us a comment!

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