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A wireless carrier was just hit by a data breach – Check your email

With so much personal information out there, cybercriminals will never have a shortage of targets. Data breaches are becoming alarmingly frequent and more damaging in scope.

A recent breach into an IT management software company put the hundreds of companies that use its services at risk. Tap or click here to learn about the massive scale of this attack.

A breach on a company you are not directly associated with can still have repercussions. The Colonial Pipeline attack left people across the country without fuel. It gets worse when your data is stored with a company or service that gets hacked. A wireless carrier was recently the victim of a data breach and some users’ information may have been exposed.

Here’s the backstory

Mint Mobile has apparently been targeted by attackers who grabbed subscribers’ personal information including “name, address, telephone number, email address, password, bill amount, international call detail information, telephone number, account number and subscription features” and forwarded it to another carrier.

The information comes via a Reddit post depicting a screenshot of a message that was sent out to affected Mint Mobile subscribers. The breach occurred between June 8 and June 10 of 2021.

A company statement reads that it “took steps to reverse the process” but the damage was already done. Mint Mobile recommends that subscribers monitor their account statements and any other accounts that use the same phone number for suspicious activity. You should also change your Mint Mobile password.

If you used the same password for your Mint Mobile account that you did for other accounts, it’s important you change those as well.

Have you been hacked?

Whether you’re knowingly part of an affected breach or not, it helps to take a look into that now and then. HaveIBeenPwned is a tool where you can check if your information has been compromised.

Just visit the site and enter your email address or phone number and then select the pwned? button. The site also has news on known breaches past and present. Tap or click here for more details on how to use the cybersecurity site.

The recent massive Facebook data breach prompted the creation of a tool just for the social network. Tap or click here to learn more.

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