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Microsoft Patch Tuesday: Update now to fix 9 zero-days, 117 flaws

Microsoft recently revealed details about the upcoming Windows 11 operating system. It takes a completely different look, and many Apple Mac users might find it familiar. But just because it has a new OS on the horizon doesn’t mean that security patch support for Windows 10 has stopped.

In the latest Patch Tuesday update, Microsoft released several Windows 10 security fixes and bug corrections. The July update is a rather important one, as it rectifies no less than nine zero-day exploits.

The update also fixes several minor flaws, bringing the total number to 117. As always, it is recommended that you download the update as soon as you can. Keep reading to find out how to get it now.

Here’s the backstory

The issues addressed in the latest update span several applications, internal workings and system functions. This includes Microsoft Exchange Server, Bing, Office, Windows Defender and the Windows Codecs Library.

The nine zero-day exploits fixed in this update cover a wide array of issues. Most of them deal with elevated privilege rights (hackers give themselves more access than needed) or remote code execution (hackers can launch harmful code).

One of the more concerning flaws is a Scripting Engine Memory Corruption Vulnerability. By using a web-based attack or an infected file, the hacker gains entry to your machine. Once inside, the hacker will have full control to install programs, view or change data, or create new user accounts with full user rights.

How to update Windows

Keeping your computer up to date with the latest software patches and security fixes will go a long way to ensure that your data doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

Here is how you update your Windows PC with the latest patch:

Click the Start Menu and open Settings, click Update & Security, then click Windows Update. From there, you’ll be able to see if updates are available for download. If not, click Check for Updates to force the process.

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