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Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook should be more privacy-driven in the future. Ya think?

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Remember when you first signed up for Facebook years ago? It was so exciting, like a portal to new world had opened where you could reconnect with long lost friends that you hadn’t seen since high school.

Fast forward to today and it’s just a cesspool of problems, like the Cambridge Analytica scandal that we learned about last year. The nightmare didn’t end there. A few months later we found out that tens of millions of Facebook accounts had been hacked.

The social media network has taken a beating in the press since, and it’s well-deserved. Which is why CEO Mark Zuckerberg is trying to convince us the site is going to change its ways. Yeah, right!

Facebook’s latest PR stunt

You might think with so many Facebook accounts being breached, hackers would be the biggest threat to worry about. They’re not.

Facebook itself is the culprit paving the way to our discontent. It doesn’t appear to have any regard for our privacy. It’s more concerned with targeted ads. That’s why it shares pretty much everything it knows about you with marketing groups.

Some apps even share your data with Facebook when you’re logged out. We found out about some Android apps that do this a couple months ago.

Don’t feel special Apple fans. A couple weeks later, we found out some iOS apps were doing the same thing.

Now, Zuckerberg wants us to believe things are going to change. He posted a blog message this week promising a privacy-friendly Facebook in the future.

He focused on how people communicate with each other digitally, like with Messenger and WhatsApp. He went on and on about how people have the right to assume personal conversations are kept private, which they’re not at this point. At least not completely.

Zuckerberg promised that in the future your communications will be truly private, with conversations and pictures protected by encryption, so even Facebook won’t know what you’re saying. But can we believe any of this after everything we already know? Probably not.

Also, he didn’t mention any changes to targeted ads and the data it uses for them. Even if your Messages are encrypted, it doesn’t stop Facebook from handing over other details it knows about you to marketing groups.

This feels like a desperate attempt to gain our trust back. I’m not buying it!

How to block snoops from WhatsApp

Facebook isn’t the only one wrestling with security problems. Last month, WhatsApp introduced a new security feature for people with Apple gadgets. It just sent a notification through Twitter that it’s active.

A setting for Touch ID or Face ID has been added to unlock WhatsApp. This way, if someone takes your iPhone they won’t be able to read your messages.

Here’s how to enable the iPhone feature in WhatsApp: tap Settings >> Account >> Privacy >> Screen Lock. Then, toggle the Require Touch ID or Require Face ID on.

We strongly recommend turning this feature on. Please do it ASAP if you use WhatsApp on an iPhone.

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