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Man remotely finds his stolen laptop and hacks thief’s Facebook account

Now, this is a tangled web of crime! A thief stole a laptop from a car but he or she didn’t know who they were dealing with when committing the crime. The laptop belonged to Stu Gale, a man from Canada who works as a computer and home automation specialist.

Stu was able to access his computer remotely and spy on the suspected thief. When he did this, he noticed that a woman had logged in her Facebook account from his laptop and left the laptop unattended. Bet the thief never considered that possibility!

While the thief was away from the stolen laptop, Gale was able to look through all the personal information in her Facebook account, including her contact information and messages she had sent to her friends. Wow!

Gale told CTV News Calgary that he sent text messages to her Facebook friends and posted her information to several Facebook groups.

Gale even took it upon himself to call one of her friends.

“I told the person she (the thief) was on a stolen laptop and needed to return it,” said Gale.

Shortly after that, the woman deleted her Facebook account.

“If you take somebody’s Facebook and you repost it, that’s a form of privacy invasion. You really do need to think about what you’re doing. Probably a better idea to take it to law enforcement,” said Tom Keenan who is a computer security expert at the University of Calgary.

After snooping around, Gale did give the woman’s information to the police in his area.

In this scenario, protecting yourself is two-fold. Here are some tips for securing your laptop and your online account.

How to keep your laptop safe

How to keep your accounts safe

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