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Why you should update your iPhone manually
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iOS 16.4 brings security fixes and new emojis

Keeping your devices updated is essential from a security standpoint, but you sometimes also get some neat features to go along with it. Apple’s iOS 16.4 brings all that and more, bundling important fixes with some nice quality-of-life updates and a bit of fun thrown in.

Apple security fixes

ios 16.4 update screen

Let’s begin with the big stuff. Apple’s iOS 16.4 brings 32 security fixes, including several flaws that allow attackers to take over your device.

Here are some highlights:

  • Fixed a privacy issue where an app may be able to access information about a user’s contacts.
  • Fixed an issue where importing a malicious calendar invitation may send out your information.
  • Apps can no longer read sensitive location information via the Find My tool.
  • Photos belonging to the Hidden Photos Album can no longer be viewed without authentication through Visual Lookup.
  • Apps can no longer create unexpected bookmarks on the Home Screen.

Other fixes and improvements

Not every flaw is as threatening as a vulnerability. Here are some other issues that have been fixed, along with excellent improvements.

  • Your voice is prioritized over ambient noise during calls.
  • The Duplicates album in the Photos app now detects duplicate photos and videos in iCloud Shared Photo Libraries.
  • VoiceOver support added to the Weather app.
  • An accessibility setting was added to automatically dim video when flashes of light or strobe effects are detected.
  • Fixed an issue where Ask to Buy requests from children may fail to appear on the parent’s device.
  • Addresses issues where Matter-compatible thermostats could become unresponsive when paired to Apple Home.
  • Crash Detection was optimized on iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models.

More emojis

The update also brings new emojis, including what Emojipedia calls one of the most “discussed absences on the emoji keyboard’: A plain pink heart. Were people missing it that much?

There’s also a shaking head, a Wi-Fi symbol, new musical instruments, hand gestures, animals and plants. Check out our roundup of the 21 new emojis here.

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Update your iPhone now

Updating your iPhone is as easy as it gets:

  • Go to Settings > General Software Update.
  • If an update is available, select Download and Install.

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