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If you visited Equifax’s site, you could be infected with nasty malware

It’s been over a month since we learned about the colossal Equifax data breach and victims are still dealing with it. The consumer credit reporting agency exposed over 145 million Americans’ critical information including Social Security numbers.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the company’s website is being targeted by more hackers. If you’ve visited the Equifax site recently, your gadget could have been infected with malware.

Has Equifax caused your gadget to be infected with malware?

The Equifax data breach is already one of the worst of all time. Now, people visiting the Equifax website looking for help could be putting their gadget’s security at risk.

Security researcher Randy Abrams discovered that Equifax’s site was once again breached by hackers. People visiting the site this week may have been redirected to a page claiming to be an Adobe Flash update.

Warning! Do NOT click on the link, the webpage is fraudulent and if you click “Install” your gadget will be infected with malware.

Adware to be exact. This is malicious software that constantly displays or downloads unwanted ads to your device.

Abrams uploaded the following video to YouTube to demonstrate what the fraudulent Flash update looks like on the Equifax site.

Note: If you are reading this article using the app, click here to view the demonstration video.

What you need to do now

Equifax seems to have found the problem and the fraudulent Flash update is no longer on its site. However, hackers are really targeting Equifax these days and a similar attack could pop up at any moment.

Be cautious with any links that appear on the Equifax website. You never know if it’s malicious and will infect your gadget.

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Speaking of the Equifax breach, here’s one thing you must do immediately to protect your Social Security number

Over 145 million people have been affected by the Equifax data breach, and it keeps getting worse. I’ve shared critical steps you need to take, but there’s one step you may have missed that leaves you wide open to ID theft. Here’s how to protect your SSN, and why it’s so urgent.

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