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How to sync your iCloud passwords with Chrome

Apple products incorporate the company’s Keychain technology to store your passwords securely. But if you move between Apple’s iCloud and a Windows PC, accessing the passwords on both devices is nearly impossible.

Well, Apple has officially released its iCloud Passwords manager for Google’s Chrome browser on Windows PCs. The extension works the same way it does on Apple devices, allowing you to create, store and access all your strong passwords. Tap or click here for rules to creating better passwords.

Create a password through the browser extension and it will automatically sync with your iCloud account. This also allows you to access it on your Apple device at any time. Keep reading for more details on how it works.

Apple’s iCloud meets Google

Eagle-eyed Windows users might have noticed a mention of the functionality last week, as it was prematurely unveiled as part of an update to the iCloud Windows 10 app. Listed as “Support for iCloud Passwords Chrome Extension,” the final product is now available in the Chrome web store.

iCloud Passwords

To install the extension:

  • Navigate to the Chrome web store by clicking here.
  • On the product page, click Add to Chrome.
  • A pop-up will ask you if you want to add iCloud Passwords.
  • Click Add extension.
  • Once downloaded, a pop-up will notify you that it has been added.

To access iCloud Passwords or any other Chrome extension, click the puzzle piece in the top right-hand corner. You will need to log into your iCloud account to use it, and Apple will provide you with a 6-digit passcode to use in Chrome. Once you have linked the browser to your iCloud account, you will be set to continue.

The iCloud Passwords extension has been developed for Google Chrome, but it will also work with any browser that uses Chromium as its backbone — like Opera’s browser.

How to create strong passwords

Apple’s iCloud Keychain can create some solid passwords, but it would be almost impossible to remember them all. That is why the cross-functionality between Apple and Chrome is great.

But how do you create a password that is easily remembered? Well, Researchers from Carnegie Mellon’s CyLab Security and Privacy Institute found that the sweet spot is memorable passwords that consist of 12 characters.

Twelve characters are still pretty lengthy, and that is where password managers come in handy. They store all your created passwords in one place. This makes it easy to log into social media, banking or other services. Tap or click here for ways to create strong passwords that you’ll actually remember.

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