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How can you tell if someone is secretly using your Netflix account?

Remember when cable TV was something people could steal? Like a pesky neighbor who splits your line and runs into their house. It was all the rage not so long ago and could lead to hefty fines.

With the advent of digital cable, it has become tougher for people to steal it. Cable companies can now find thieves pretty easily through their networks.

And now, record amounts of people are cutting the cord, but that brings on another issue.

Can someone steal Netflix?

It could be you logged in to Netflix at a friend’s house and they continue to use it. Or a family member shares your password with one of their friends. There are many ways it can happen.

Currently, Netflix does allow you to share your username and password with friends and family but limit how many devices can stream at the same time. It depends on the plan you are on.

If you authorize it, so be it. But if you don’t want someone taking your flix, you can kick them off.

Is someone using your account?

First, you want to log into your account. Then go to your username, and “Account.” Scroll down and select “Viewing Activity.” Next look for “See recent account access” and click it.

This will bring you to a page that has all your login history and devices that are accessing your account. You can look at IP addresses if you want to see if different ones are logged in. But sometimes it’s easier to start looking at devices.

You know what devices you use to watch Netflix. If you see an odd one, someone else could be using your login! If you find something odd, simply change your password and the problem is solved.

Another great tip-off that someone else might be sneaking into your account is off-the-wall movie suggestions. Netflix suggests things it thinks you would like. If all of a sudden you start seeing something out of left field, check the activity page.

Some streaming services have relaxed rules about sharing passwords. But as these companies grow and become public, searching for higher profits might bring on change down the road.

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