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Huge home security sale slashes prices for video doorbells, window sensors, outdoor cams and more
Security & privacy

Get 40% off home security tech, like video doorbells, outdoor cameras and window sensors

Presented by SimpliSafe

Presented by SimpliSafe

For a limited time, save 20% on your SimpliSafe security system, and get your first month free when you sign up for Interactive Monitoring.

Now is the best time to protect your home with tech. Thanks to a home security sale from our sponsor SimpliSafe, you can get steep discounts on everything you need to stay secure. Grab motion sensors, security cameras, burglary alarms and more.

So if you’ve been holding off on setting up a home security system, now is the time. Right now, you can get 40% off any SimpliSafe system. Don’t worry about the setup: SimpliSafe makes installing your home security system easy.

Here’s all you need to know about this home security sale.

Give the gift of home security this Christmas

Sure, you could give a cute trinket to the older folks in your family. Or you could go one step further and give mom or dad the gift of security this year. Whether shopping for parents, grandparents or friends, a security device is an incredibly thoughtful gift.

Perhaps you’re giving gifts to someone who lives in the same house as you. Maybe they even share your Amazon account. Use this trick to stop people on your account from seeing what you bought them.

Show the people in your life how much you care by helping them with a home security system. A simple sensor can do wonders for their peace of mind. If they live in dangerous areas, grab them a camera for their driveway or backyard.

Now that the security system Kim uses and recommends is on sale, you’re in luck. There’s no better time to protect your family. Plus, there are a ton of gadgets to choose from.

Why Kim trusts SimpliSafe

This award-winning system has an arsenal of sensors and cameras you can use to protect every inch of your home. Once you’re ready to start shopping, check out our top five sensors. Not only is SimpliSafe easy to use, but the setup is a breeze.

It shouldn’t take you longer than 30 minutes to set up your system. Instructions are clear, so you can do it by yourself. You don’t have to worry about annoying salespeople or installation technicians stomping through your house.

Once you’re done, you can monitor your devices from SimpliSafe’s easy-to-use app. From there, SimpliSafe’s security specialists will send you emergency alerts if there’s ever cause for alarm.

Buy now to take advantage of this limited-time discount. Get 40% off a SimpliSafe system today by visiting It’s a good gift for yourself and your loved ones.

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