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Number skyrockets to 100 million accounts exposed in recent data breach

Updated: July 16

The number of accounts hacked from Evite has grown tenfold. In June, it was reported that the personal data of 10 million Evite users had been hacked and was being sold on the Dark Web.

New information now shows that more than 100 million Evite accounts were hacked. The updated number comes from a database received by Have I Been Pwned.

Originally, the personal data was being sold on a Dark Web site called Dream Market. That site was shut down, but it is unknown whether the larger Evite database is now being sold online.

Original article

A popular e-invitation company reported a data breach in which a hacker grabbed user information and sold it on the dark web. Evite says the most recent information at risk dates back to 2013. No user information after 2013 was at risk.

When data breaches occur on a site you use — no matter how large or small — it’s always a good idea to re-secure your information. We’ll show you how.

Information at risk during Evite’s data breach

The data breach made names, user names, email addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers and physical mailing addresses accessible.

The company did not say how many accounts were involved in the breach. However, the hacker claims to be selling 10 million stolen records on the dark web. Evite did not return’s request for more information.

Evite said no Social Security numbers or payment information was compromised in the breach. The company emailed customers informing them of the breach, as well as the following steps it was taking to protect user information:

  • Requiring users to change their passwords immediately
  • Continuing to monitor for any suspicious activity
  • Continuing to enhance security on the site
  • Working with law enforcement and security experts

Evite is providing more details about the breach on an FAQ posted to its website. The company also has created a dedicated call center that account users can reach at 877-221-7485. The center is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Eastern, Monday through Friday.


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Protecting your Evite data

Even if you haven’t used Evite in years, the company encourages all account holders to protect their personal information beyond just changing their Evite passwords.

The company recommends that if you have used the same or a similar Evite password on other sites to change those passwords immediately, as well.

It is always a good practice to create unique user names and passwords for every website you are registered on. If you are worried about remembering all that information, use a password manager program.

Evite also recommends its users:

  • Review all accounts where they used the same or a similar Evite password for suspicious activity
  • Beware of emails that ask for personal information or refer to web pages that do the same
  • Avoid clicking on any links or downloading any attachments from questionable emails

For another layer of protection, can help you opt out of broker sites that collect your personal data.

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