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Warning: Hackers can use this smart lock to access your Wi-Fi network

Home security tech is becoming increasingly common across America. In fact, a good portion of CES 2020 showcased the latest home security items — with smart home integration as a major selling point.

But like all smart home items, home security devices are only as “secure” as the networks they’re a part of. If a weak or unsecured network can be broken into, it can put every device connected to it at risk. Tap or click here to see the best ways to secure your home router from hackers.

Usually, security-minded users are keen to protect their network to keep their smart home devices working. But this time around, a flaw in a smart home device can actually put your network at risk. This smart home security lock has a serious bug that can let hackers gain access to your Wi-Fi address and password, which exposes every other device in your home.

(Not so) smart locks

According to results from a joint investigation by PCMag and Bitdefender, the popular August Smart Lock Pro + Connect series of products has a gaping security hole that hackers can exploit to crack into home networks.

This issue is caused by a lack of security when the lock and a smartphone communicate with one another. Because the lock lacks a keyboard to input Wi-Fi passwords, setup is accomplished by passing the information stored on your smartphone.

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Unfortunately, August’s lock doesn’t properly encrypt this process. Encryption is present during setup, but it’s an outdated form that can be cracked in a matter of moments with modern hacking software. If a network intruder were to lie in wait while you tried to set up your device, they could easily pilfer your Wi-Fi access codes for their own benefit.

As bad as this is, August’s response is even more concerning. PCMag and Bitdefender notified the company of the flaw back in December of 2019, and to date, August still has not patched the issue. Instead, the company has simply stated it’s “aware” of the issue and working on a solution. That statement was made months ago.

I use an August smart lock. What are my options?

On a positive note, the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect isn’t the latest product offering from the company, which means if you purchased something newer, you don’t have to worry about any security flaws just yet. When a new update is available with a patch, users will be able to access it via the August smart lock app.

That said, the Smart Lock Pro + Connect is still a common device, and with no fix available, there isn’t too much that users can do other than continue to wait or purchase a new smart lock.

While there are many products you can choose from on the market right now, only one of them gets the seal of approval from both PCMag and Kim Komando.

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