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Google just added a warning to some search results – Here’s what it means

How often do you catch yourself looking up something on Google? It’s the most prominent search engine and has been for years now.

Google usually has the answers to every question that we can think of and then some. However, there have been issues regarding the infamous Google Search, like with too many ads and prominently displayed Google products. Tap or click here to see everything Google knows about you with one search.

Searching for something newsworthy should not be blocked by the many ads and products before getting the information you are looking for. But how much is too much? Thankfully Google is making some changes that should help.

Here’s the backstory

It can be frustrating looking for reliable information that isn’t posted yet, such as breaking news events or trending topics. Sometimes it can even be dangerous, with links leading to malicious sites. Fortunately, Google has been working on remedying the situation with a recent update. 

In a blog post, Google’s said, “To help with this, we’ve trained our systems to detect when a topic is rapidly evolving and a range of sources hasn’t yet weighed in. We’ll now show a notice indicating that it may be best to check back later when more information from a wider range of sources might be available.”

With its recently launched About This Result Panel, you can quickly get information on sources you find on Google search. This will help better determine if they’re likely to provide helpful or trustworthy information. 

How to see more trustworthy Google search results

Google is testing this feature to notify people when they search for a specific topic that may have unreliable results. This new system will warn users that the results they are seeing are changing quickly, and if the topic is new, results may take time to show up and are noted in the search.

At the moment, the notice is only showing up in a small percentage of searches.

Google began testing this feature about a week ago. A recent Google blog post stated, “When anybody does a search on Google, we’re trying to show you the most relevant, reliable information we can.”

Overall, its goal is to provide you with more context about search results to evaluate the information found online confidently. The new notices that are being posted are starting in the U.S. Google will expand these and other related features over the coming months.

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