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Firefox has a new clever plan to protect your privacy

Firefox has always been known as one of the most secure web browsers. Past updates have been designed to plug security holes and protect the user’s privacy. The latest update is designed to take that security to the next level.

Websites commonly use cookies to track your activity on their site. Advertisers and businesses use them to know if promotions are working, and which pages visitors are viewing.

Sometimes, however, these cookies continue to track you even after you leave the original site. Firefox’s newest update is designed to combat this alarming new trend.

Protect yourself from being tracked

The Firefox 57 update, known as Quantum, is due to release November 14. The major feature of this new update is being called “tracking protection.” As the name implies, it is specifically designed to prevent websites from tracking you across multiple websites.

Some of these types of “tracking cookies” are so overreaching that they are often detected as viruses by common virus scanners like McAfee and AVG.

This update will come with a long list of websites that are commonly associated with installing these types of tracking cookies and restrict access to them, block the cookies, or prompt you when you try to navigate to one.

There is even the option for you to make yourself even more secure with a recommended “strict protection” list, which greatly increases the number of restricted sites based on the Firefox database.

Lastly, Mozilla (the creators of Firefox) are happy to talk up an additional benefit to blocking these scripts, they make your webpages load quicker, and require less data.

If you are sick of websites overreaching and tracking your every move, you should be excited about this new update for Firefox. Just make sure to remember to enable the new feature from your browser settings. If you would like to view the options and details of this new feature go to:

Preferences >> Privacy & Security >> Tracking Protection.

Get Firefox’s new browser that’s super fast

For more information about Firefox’s new Quantum browser, make sure to check out this article. It will revolutionize your online browsing habits.

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