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Have kids in the family? This app from the FBI could help in an emergency

It’s the holiday season, which means people are traveling to see their loved ones. With all the stress, having peace of mind when you’re away from home can make or break your trip.

There’s one profession that never takes a holiday, and that’s burglary. Crooks take advantage of holidays, and an unoccupied house makes for a prime target. Tap or click here for tips on beefing up your security and reducing your risk of being robbed.

Children are especially at risk of going missing while traveling. But your child can get lost even while out shopping at the local mall. That’s a horrifying thought, but fortunately, the FBI has an app to help find your children if they go missing and protect them during other emergencies.

Here’s the backstory

When your child is missing, authorities need a physical description to help search for them. This includes height, weight, ethnicity, hair and eye color. They also need photos, names, and nicknames to help locate and identify the child.

Providing all this information takes time. This is where the FBI Child ID app comes in. Store information on your children in the app so you can show it to authorities. You can also send the information to police, security, or other officials looking for missing kids.

You can add images from your phone’s library, cropping and zooming as needed. The app also includes tips on keeping children safe and what to do in the first few crucial hours after a kid goes missing.

The app is also privacy protected as the FBI says it is not collecting or storing any photos or information you enter into the app. The data stays on your phone until you send it to authorities.

Get the app

The FBI Child ID app is available for free for Android and iOS. Keep the information in the app current after your children’s annual checkup and again just before summer, when missing children cases increase.

Here are some features you get:

  • Notifications will alert users when profile updates are recommended.
  • Users have the ability to send an additional hi-res photo of a child.
  • Include a default e-mail address for your local police department.
  • Auto-populate addresses and phone numbers across profiles.
  • Add photos for identifying characteristics (birthmarks, scars, etc.).
  • Set and send your phone’s location as your child’s last known location.

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